10 best things to do when CSSPS 2022 School Placements are out


10 smart things to do when CSSPS 2022 School Placements are out is a write-up full of tit bits from experience with regard to the school placements whenever they are released by the GES.

The 2022 Free SHS School Placement is expected to be released by the Ghana Education Service  (GES) between 14th Match and 30th March, with the GES already hinting that it may release the placements between 14th-21st March if there are no problems.

Once the 2022 School Placements are out, all BECE candidates who sat for the 2021 BECE as school and private candidates will have to check their placements. In this very informative write-up, Ghanaeducation.org (Ghana Education News), your No. Source of education news in Ghana is sharing these 10 smart things to do when CSSPS 2022 School Placements are out. Have you seen this? Don’t deny private school students ‘Category A’ SHSs – GES told

  1. When the placements are released, students are advised in their own interest to check the school placements early. To do this, obtain a valid CSSPS School placement checker card. One of the reasons why you need to check the placement is that not all students will often be placed, and others may be asked to do self placements. Checking the school placement early will help you to know your faith. If you decide to check later, and it turns out that, you have not been placed and have to do the self-placement, all the good schools would have been chosen by your colleagues. Be proactive when the placements are out.
  2. Ensure that, when you check the placement, you print out all the documents. Typically, you have to print at least two documents. One of the documents indicates the schools you selected and the school you have been placed in. The second document is the enrollment form which has to be filled out, sent to the school you have been placed in. It will help you to confirm your placement and then the school will issue the prospectus.
  3. You need to get four passport pictures, which you will use for the completion of the relevant forms in your school. We advise that the passport pictures are taken ahead of the placement since the price may shoot up when demand for it is high.
  4. Obtain a clear bag or a file to keep your documents (School placement documents and results slips). Make sure you print or make photocopies of the Results slip and the school placement documents.
  5. Often, the form you print from the CSSPS portal has to be endorsed along with the Pictures you took. You can visit your school to get that done by your headteacher or the Assistant.
  6. Students who do not get placed in a Free SHS or TVET school they chose but qualified would be required to use the self-placement module to get themselves placed. However, those who failed in subjects such as Mathematics and Integrated science are not likely to be placed in any school and may also not be given the chance to do the self-placement. Such candidates need to rewrite the failed papers to stand the chance of being placed in s secondary school in 2023.
  7. Students and parents are also advised to ensure, that, if a candidate is required to use the self-placement module, they do not delay in selecting a school, accommodation, and the programme. As explained early, the more you delay, the more likely it is that the schools in the database will reduce, and you may not find a school and the programme that you want.
  8. Candidates and their parents or guardians are to visit the school they have been placed in to go through the enrollment process. Failure to do this may lead to the candidate missing out on his or her enrollment.
  9. Students must prepare for school once they have completed the registration/enrollment processes. Those who are enrolled as boarders must get the necessary boarding school items through their parents/ guardians. Day students may have fewer requirements.  Do you know the accepted items for boarding school and those that are illegal?
  10. In case your placement has problems, you need to call the emergency numbers for the GES call center representatives to assist you with the challenge.

Don’t deny private school students ‘Category A’ SHSs – GES told

We hope the information shared along with the pieces of advice will go a long way to reduce the stress that is likely to come with the release of the 2022 School placements.


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