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Ghana BECE SHS Placement Portal-Website… How to Apply for WAEC BECE SHS Placement 2018/2019 online.

BECE SHS Placement

The West African Examination Council has given another opportunity to candidates who were not placed in any of the public Senior High Schools to select schools of their choice.

Candidates who were not able to go through the Process successfully are expected to go through the following guidelines systematically:

How to Apply for BECE SHS Placement Online

1. Visit

2.Log in with your index number and Pin Code

3. Click on Check Placement Status

4.Since You Haven’t been Placed, you will find a link to Self-placement

5. Click on the self-placement link
6. On the new tab, select your preferred region
7. Select your preferred school
8. Select your program of choice
9. Click on the submit button to place yourself
10. Proceed to print your placement notice.

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