2021 NOVDEC Final Timetable & Trial Questions

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2021 NOVDEC Final Examination Timetable

The 2021 NOVDEC Final Examination for private applicants is quickly approaching, and students studying for it want an exact exam schedule to ensure they do not miss any of the papers.

As a result, we have published the schedule to assist students in obtaining a PDF version of it.

2021 NOVDEC Final Examination Trial Questions

Private WASSCE candidates need both past and trial questions for all subjects to attempt to solve as part of their preparation for the examination. We have provided trial questions to help in this regard.

English Language 2021 NOVDEC Trial Questions for Section B (Essay. Composition)

1. Write a letter to your father, who has been on a long course abroad, telling him how the family has been faring in his absence.

2. Write an article suitable for publication in a cultural magazine on the advantages and disadvantages of the extended family system.

3. The last nationwide strike by secondary school teachers affected your school adversely. Write a letter to the Minister of Education suggesting at least three ways of preventing future strike actions.

4. You are a speaker in a debate on the topic: “Civilian rule is better than military rule.” Write your contribution for or against the motion.

5. Write a story, real or imagined, which illustrates the saying: Make hey while the sun shines.”


1.    a. Define reproduction?
b. State (5) signs of pregnancy in animals?
c. State (5) signs of parturition in animals?

2.    a. Define fertilization?
b. List the process of digestion in ruminant animals?
c. State (3) characteristics of colostrums?

3.    a. Define placenta?
b. State (3) uses of the placenta?
c. list (4) hormones of the female

4.    a. List the process of digestion in Nonruminant animals?
b. Define egestion?
c. Define lactation?

5.    Draw a well-labeled diagram of the egg.


1(a) State 3 functions of saliva.

(b) State 3 functions of the large intestine.

(c) State 4 ways in which the working of the alimentary canal can be enhanced.

2(a) What are enzymes?

(b) Name one food nutrient acted upon by each of the following digestive enzymes:
(i) Trypsin
(iii) Lipase
(iv) Amylase

3. Describe the process of protein absorption in the small intestine.

4 Explain the pollution in relation to Health Education.

5(a) Mention three substances found in the urine of humans.

(b) State 2 reasons why humans take in water when the weather is hot.

6. Name the two major layers of the human skin.

Answer 2 questions.

Question 7

(a) State five features necessary for the maintenance of health.

(b) State five features of Endomorphs.

(c)Explain the following terms :
(i) Personal hygiene (ii) Physical health
(iii) blood pressure

(d) List four injuries that could occurs in the muscles of humans.

Question 8

a(i). What is meant by the term homeostasis?

a(ii). Explain how the human body maintain a constant body temperature in cold environment.

(b) State :

(i). 3 food sources of iodine.

(ii). 2 deficiencies of iodine.

(iii). One function of fluorine in the human body.

(c). Draw and label an elbow joint.

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Question 9

(a). State 2 similarities each between the following pairs of diseases.
(i). Dysentery and Cholera.
(ii). Malaria and Yellow Fever.
(iii). Tuberculosis and whooping cough.

b(i). Mention 2 insects associated with human.
(ii). State 4 methods of controlling insect in homes.

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(c). State 2 advantages of each of the following methods of food preservation :
(i). Baking
(ii). Roasting
(iii). Frying
(iv). Boiling

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