List Of District courts In Ghana

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The district court is also a court of Sessions when it exercises its jurisdiction on criminal matters under the Code of Criminal procedure.

The district court is presided over by one District Judge appointed by the state Governor on the advice of the state chief justice.

Below is the List Of District courts In Ghana

District courts in GhanaThe District Court are the lowest in the hierarchy of all Courts in the country and it makes the largest number of Courts.

The Family Court, Juvenile Court, and Motor Court are all District Courts and NOT District Magistrate Courts.

They are located in most Districts in Ghana and are presided over by Magistrates.

How many courts are in Ghana?

There are currently 5 levels of courts: district courts, circuit courts, High Court, Court of Appeal, and Supreme Court A 3-tiered appeals system exists within this 5-rung ladder, from the inferior courts to the High Court, and from the High Court to the Court of Appeal, and from the Court of Appeal to the Supreme.

How do I become a magistrate in Ghana?

Applicants must be Ghanaians enrolled on the Roll of Lawyers in Ghana.

No legal qualifications are required to become a magistrate; you will receive all the training you need.

After practicing as a lawyer for at least five years, you can become a Circuit Court Judge.

How long does it take to be a judge in Ghana?

Those seeking to become high court judges must have at least 10 years’ standing at the Ghana Bar and not less than five years for those applying to become circuit court judges. Those with at least three years can only apply to be considered as magistrates.

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