List Of Multi TV Channels In Ghana

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Below is the List Of Multi TV Channels In Ghana

Joy Prime

Adom TV

Joy News

DW English

Fire TV (Ghana)

Rock TV (Ghana)

Sweet TV


Pent TV


Aseda TV

Ghana TV

Pan African TV

Cross TV

TV3 (Ghana)

ZTV Ghana

Fire TV 2

Precious TV

Royal TV (Ghana)

Kessben TV

Angel TV (Ghana)

Elijah TV

TV Xyz

Rhema TV (Ghana)

How many channels are on Multi TV Ghana?

Multi TV runs in over 26 African countries and it is Ghana’s first direct-to-home satellite television station.

Multi TV Ghana comes with 40 channels.

How many stations does Multi TV have?

The Multi TV frequency is 12525.

When installing your satellite dish, ensure it faces east to get more signals. You can also get more channels by scanning your Digibox or entering the right frequency. If you have installed it correctly, you will get at least 20 TV channels and ten radio stations.

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