BSc Resource Enterprise And Entrepreneurship Universities And Colleges In Ghana

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Below are the BSc Resource Enterprise And Entrepreneurship Universities And Colleges In Ghana


An appreciation and efficient management of forest products, pulp and paper, and allied industries is crucial for Ghana’s economy.

The School Natural Resources and Environmental Management at UENR is poised to provide strong and vibrant leadership to the forest and natural resources industry to meet the increasing demand for housing, recreation, tourism, and green spaces.

This will require an intimate knowledge of climate, species, and infrastructure, political, social, and legal systems.

Issues of interest include the increased demand for market and non-market goods and services from forests and related natural resources, land availability for industrial forestry and natural resource conservation, natural resource sustainability, habitat conservation, and ecosystem management.

The School will provide instruction, research, and outreach to address these issues.

Research at the School will be need-based with strong community and industry inputs and integrated with natural resource management.

Areas of academic interest will include forest conservation and restoration of ecology, forest resource management, fisheries, and wildlife sciences, urban and community forestry, wood science and technology, fire science and management, land and water resources management.

The programmes will provide graduates with a working knowledge of a broad span of natural resources and introduce them to the critical relationships between human activities and the environment.

The Philosophy of the School hinges on using a strong partnership approach, prepare future leaders, and provide solutions in the conservation and sustainable management of forests and other natural resources.

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