BSc Telecommunication Engineering Universities And Colleges In Ghana

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Telecommunication Engineering is concerned with electrical and computer engineering. Some of the tasks done by telecommunications engineers include designing complex electronic switching systems, optical fiber cabling, and designing microwave transmission systems and IP networks.

Below are the BSc Telecommunication Engineering Universities And Colleges In Ghana

Ghana Technology University College, Tesano.

Regent University College of Science and Technology, Dansoman.


What are the subjects in telecommunication engineering?

Analogue and digital systems.

Transmission lines.


Waveguide systems.

Broadcasting engineering.

Cellular communication.

Data communication.

Digital signal processing.

Is Telecommunication Engineering a good career?

Telecommunication engineers have always been in great demand because of the growing requisite of digital and wireless communication networks.

It is a challenging career for those interested in the fields of microelectronic devices, signal processing, data networking, coding, compression, encryption, and transmission.

Which course is best for telecom engineer?

Inarte Telecommunications Engineer.

Certified Data Center Management Professional.

Certified Data Center Sustainability Professional.

Analog Communication.

Introduction To Telecom Business Process.

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