List Of Best Farmers In Ghana

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A good farmer is a systems thinker, able to perceive and understand the linkages between the farm’s productivity and the social and ecological dimensions of the farm; clear about what the farm depends upon and what its impacts are, and how these need to be managed.

Below are the List Of Best Farmers In Ghana

Solomon Kwadwo Kusi

Kweku Agyeman


What is the biggest farm in Ghana?

Blue Power Energy

Okonkwo is building Ghana’s biggest solar farm, called Blue Power Energy, slated to open in March 2019 with 100 megawatts of energy.

It’s set to be one of the largest in Africa. “Most of the multinational companies that come to Ghana don’t put in infrastructure.

How can I start a farm in Ghana?

1.1 Make Your Research.

1.2 Write a Business Plan.

1.3 Choose your Crops or Livestock.

1.4 Acquire a Land.

1.5 Register your Farm Business.

1.6 Hire Farm Labour.

1.7 Start Your Farm.

1.8 Market and Sell Your Products.

Which animal farming is most profitable in Ghana?

Poultry farming is one of the most profitable livestock farming businesses in Ghana.

A poultry farmer can choose to breed birds for eggs, meat, or both.

Additionally, the demand for chicken, eggs, and poultry products is growing by the day. You can easily start poultry farming on a small-scale or large-scale basis.

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