List Of Careers In General art In Ghana

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General arts is the generalized study of the liberal arts and sciences. These courses are sometimes referred to as “classical education studies.” The curriculum in general arts is on general knowledge and intellectual capacities. … Science. Literature. Language.

Below is the List Of Careers In General art In Ghana

 A subject teacher at the Senior High School Level



Administrative or Executive Assistant

Air Hostess

Town Planner

Human Resource Manager

What are the courses in general art?



Social Studies.

Environmental Studies.

Fine and Performing Arts.



Natural Science.

Can a general art student offer?

Indeed general arts student can offer computer science course and program at the university.

For this reason, if you observe the courses for general arts student in SHS, it includes general art subject combinations such as, physics, elective mathematics (i.e. emaths or admass), elective computer science, among others.

What are general education requirements?

General education requirements are categories of knowledge your school requires you to gain a working knowledge of before you graduate.

These categories are usually things like fine arts, behavioral science, world studies, and communication.

What are the electives for general arts?

The subjects offered include Economics, Geography, Elective Mathematics, Elective French, Music, History and Government.

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