List Of Schools For The Blind In Ghana

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Below is the List Of Schools For The Blind In Ghana

School for the Blind Akropong

Phone: 024 995 0911

Ashanti School For The Deaf

Phone: 024 266 6194

New Horizon Special School

Phone: 030 277 2878

Wenchi School For The Blind

How many deaf schools do we have in Ghana?

16 schools today, Ghana has about 16 schools for the Deaf.

However, equal educational opportunities elude Deaf people in Ghana and students encounter many challenges.

How many deaf people are in Ghana?

The Ghana National Association for the Deaf (GNAD) says approximately 0.4 percent out of Ghana’s population of almost 29 million is Deaf, or 110,625 people; by contrast, the Ghana Statistical Service, reports 211,712 as Deaf. Research shows that sign language is often viewed as an aberration in Ghana.

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