Morocco Visa Application In Ghana

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Morocco tourist visa is required for Ghanaian citizens.

The stay is usually short with a period of 90 days and the visa expires in 90 days. The applicant is not required to be present when applying for a Morocco tourist visa. A total of 10 documents are required for applying for a Morocco tourist visa.

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Get a Morocco tourist visa from Ghana

Submit your completed visa application form either in person or through a representative at the Embassy of Morocco nearest to you, along with all the required documentation.

You can also send your visa application through the mail.
Pay the applicable fee for your visa application at the time of submitting your application form.
After your visa is issued you will be notified regarding the issuance.

Collect your visa on time.
Apply for a tourist visa at least 6 weeks in advance of your planned travel date so that there is enough time for the application procedure to be completed on time
Visitors who intend to stay for more than 90 days in the Kingdom of Morocco must request permission to extend the duration of their stay.

They must make the request at the nearest Police Precinct to their place of residence in Morocco. (Source: )


Download Visa Application Forms, complete and signed four (4) copies

Colour Passport size photos (4) to be pasted or stapled in a designated place on application forms. Photos must be taken against a white backdrop, with, no hats, the two ears showing, and without spectacles

Business, Residential addresses, and contact telephone numbers to be provided

Financial means to be indicated

Proposed date of travel

Names and Addresses of references and/ Accommodation in Ghana (if it is a hotel, details are to be provided)

Letter of consent from parent/legal guardian for children under 18 years.


The application should be submitted with Four (4) standard passport size photographs was taken full face on a plain background within six months of the date of application without dark glasses or a hat.

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