BSc Family And Consumer Science Universities And Colleges In Ghana

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BSc Family and Consumer Sciences encompasses the study of the relationships among people and their personal environments. The department focuses on the impact of the physical, biological, social and economic environments on human behavior and development.

Below are the BSc Family And Consumer Science Universities And Colleges In Ghana

University for Development Studies(Wa Campus), Tamale

University of Ghana Legon .

What is Intro to Family and Consumer Science?

Introduction to Family and Consumer Sciences 2 focuses on the changes and challenges faced by young teens today. Topics include family relationships, goal setting, money management, home repairs, early childhood development, textile products, nutrition-related diseases and illnesses and careers.

Why is family consumer sciences important?

Family and consumer sciences education serves as a foundation for life literacy education. One curriculum goal is to improve students’ ability to be successful in today’s world.

Success in work-life balance and family relationships impacts career productivity and success.

What benefits do you gain from taking family consumer science courses?

Family & Consumer Sciences courses allow students to plan for possible careers, develop practical skills for employment, understand the importance of nutrition, and learn about appropriate childcare practices, financial literacy, resource management, parenting, and the art of positive communication.

What is the importance of consumer science?

Family and consumer sciences education tries to empower individuals and families to identify and create alternative solutions to significant everyday challenges and to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions in a diverse global society.

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