BSc Geology Universities And Colleges In Ghana

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BSc Geology or Bachelor of Science in Geology is a 3 year-long undergraduate level bachelor degree course focused on earth science. The course involves the study of rocks, minerals, other solid substances, their compositions, their history and other processes involving them.

Below are the BSc Geology Universities And Colleges In Ghana

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi.

University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa.

University of Ghana

What is the scope of BSC geology?

After doing BSc in Geology you can go on to study mining, petrology, geophysics, etc., or else you can go on to become a Meteorologist, Geophysicists, Geologists, Environmental educator, and much more.

Is BSc Geology difficult?

It’s easier to make As in Geology-specific courses.

it’s not as difficult as other science majors, but it is still hard.

You have to take calculus, chem, and physics courses in the first year and keep a minimum GPA that differs at each school you take it at.

Is geology difficult to study?

Geology is the study of the earth is a very simple definition for something so complex.

Studying how life and our planet have changed over time is an important part of geology. So, if you are interested in studying this content then it is easy for you. Nothing is difficult if you are interested in doing that thing.

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