BSc Health Administration And Education Universities And Colleges In Ghana

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health administration and education combine administration and education courses in a healthcare curriculum to allow degree completion and career advancement for the student with an associate degree in a health-related career.

With a degree in healthcare administration, learners can work as hospital administrators, healthcare office managers, or insurance compliance managers. A healthcare administration degree can also lead to jobs at nursing homes, outpatient care facilities, and community health agencies.

Below are the BSc Health Administration And Education Universities And Colleges In Ghana

University of Education, Winneba.

University of Cape Coast


What qualifications do I need to study public health?

A bachelor’s degree of at least four years duration in dental science, medicine, surgery, nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy, physiotherapy, Bachelor of Science Honours.

A Bachelor of Arts or Sciences with honours in psychology or sociology, social work or other field of relevance to public health.

What careers are in healthcare administration?

Hospital Administration and Management.

Medical Staff Directors.

Financial Management.

Ambulatory Care.

Community Health Centers.

Medical Coding and Billing.

Database Administrator.

Senior Care Staff.

Why should I study public health?

The field of public health plays a critical role in the promotion of health, prevention of disease, and empowerment of individuals to manage illness and disabilities.

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