GES Recruitment Financial Clearance November 2021

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Here is the GES Recruitment Financial Clearance as issued by the Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Financial clearance has therefore been granted for the recruitment of teachers into the Ghana Education Service (GES)

This is as sighted in a release by the Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Education (MOE). The statement as sighted by as is presented below.


GES Recruitment Financial Clearance

  • Financial clearance is hereby granted the Hon. Minister of Education to enable the Director-General of the Ghana Education Service recruit sixteen thousand, eight hundred and fifty (16,850) Newly Trained Teachers for the Service.
  • Approval is also granted for their emoluments to be charged against the Compensation of Employees vote of Ministry of Education in the budget.
  • The Director-General of the Ghana Education Service is to ensure that the Newly Trained Teachers have their documents processed in time and placed on the mechanized payroll early enough to enable the Controller and Accountant-General’s Department effect payment of their salaries.
  • The effective date of this appointment should not be earlier than 1st December.
  • By a copy of this letter, the Controller and Accountant-General is requested to effect the payment of salaries of the Newly Trained Teachers and make appropriate deductions of Social Security and Income Tax to SSNIT and the Domestic Tax Division of Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) respectively.
  • Please note that the financial clearance expires at the end of 31 December, 2022 and cannot be used thereafter.

How To Apply For GES Recruitment

Below is How To Apply For GES Recruitment

GES Recruitment 2022 / 2023

This comes after GES graduate recruitment and postings tabs on the GES recruitment portal were removed, to be updated for the next batch of GES recruitment. You can visit the GES recruitment portal to verify for.

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