How to Check Your Vodafone Phone Number in Ghana (USSD)

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In Ghana, how can I check my Vodafone phone number? A typical question posed by many Vodafone users in Ghana who have just obtained a sim card. It’s even more awkward when you’re asked for your Vodafone number and you don’t have it.

In truth, remembering your Vodafone phone number might be challenging for many people. Vodafone Ghana has issued a USSD shortcode to verify phone number to assist users in avoiding this.


To access your Vodafone phone number as a subscriber, just use the USSD shortcode. You can now check your Vodafone phone number in Ghana with a single call.


How to Check the Status of Your Vodafone Phone Number


Simply dial *127# to check your Vodafone Ghana phone number, and your number will be shown on your phone screen. If you get any prompts, follow the directions to discover your phone number.



Vodafone has made it easy to check your Vodafone phone number without any difficulty. As a result, the strain of remembering your phone number has been lifted.

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