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Winslow Fegley is well-known in Hollywood as a young actor who has appeared in a number of films, including “Come Play,” “Night Books,” “Twice as Big,” “Crocodile,” and many others.


The young actor is following in the footsteps of his parents, who are both working in the film industry. We’re going to look closely at his life and his career as an actor in this article.

Bio of Winslow Fegley

Michael Fegley and Merce Fegley welcomed Winslow Fegley into the world on January 29, 2009 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, the United States. He is one of the best young actors in Hollywood and will be 13 in 2022.

August and Oakes Fegley have two other siblings, Winslow, who is the youngest. All of his siblings are actors, and it appears that their family is filled with filmmakers.

He currently resides in Pennsylvania, America, with his parents, is an Aquarius by birth sign, and appears to be of Caucasian ancestry.

Winslow Fegley’s dimensions

Winslow Fegley weighs 40 kilogrammes (88 lbs) and stands at a height of 1.37 metres (4 feet 6 inches). He has a slim build, brown eyes, and mixed black and brown hair. He also has brown eyes.

Winslow Fegley’s partner

A young boy, the actor is even too young to enter into romantic relationships. He is currently single and likely to get involved with someone, but he is right now concentrating on his studies and future as a child actor.

With the exception of his family, Winslow Fegley keeps his private life under wraps because he prefers to keep his career as an actor separate from his personal life.

Net worth of Winslow Fegley

Winslow Fegley’s exact net worth is still unknown because his parents manage his finances and he earns money by playing various roles in movies. Michael Fegley, his father, has a net worth that is thought to be between $1 million and $3 million.

Career of Winslow Fegley

Winslow Fegley began his acting career by performing on stage productions in places like Colorado and Pennsylvania. In 2017, he made his film debut with “Rough Night.”

In a later stage production, “A Billion Nights on Earth,” he co-stars with Thaddeus Philips, the theatre director. However, he performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in November 2017 and toured to a packed house in Philadelphia in September 2017. Since then, Winslow Fegley has appeared in a number of lucrative Hollywood films, and his acting career appears to be taking off.

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