700 Basic Schools to recieve 50 computers each in March – Dr Adutwum |


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Plans are well underway to provide 700 elementary schools with 50 computers each in March 2022 to enable effective teaching and learning of information and communication technology (ICT).

Dr. Yaw Adutwum, Minister of Education, said this during an interview with UTV. He also said that facilitators at the different schools would be given the necessary training on how to deploy computers to assist the teaching and learning of ICT at the basic lower level.

The computers will be distributed not just to schools in cities, but also to schools in rural areas. A total of 700 schools will each get up to 50 computers.

As part of the government’s push to digitize education, the government has already begun the One Teacher One Laptop programme, which has seen teachers at all levels at the Pre-tertiary level get computers to assist teaching and learning.

In a related development, instructors will be given personal email accounts to improve communication between the Ghana Education Service (GES) and facilitators around the nation. This is anticipated to lessen the annoyance of fraudulent papers being circulated on social media.

According to a GES, instructors will soon be provided personal email accounts for communication between the Service and teachers in order to reduce the aggravation of fake material being spread on social media.

Many people welcomed the news that 700 basic schools would each receive 50 computers in March, but there is some skepticism about the criteria for selecting schools and the supply of computers to schools in villages, where many of these schools do not have the best classrooms or electricity to make such IT equipment useful.

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