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Access Bank is one of the largest banks in the Nigerian financial market, and due to their size, it might be difficult to reach them at times. We’ve devoted this page to providing you with all of Access bank Nigeria’s customer service contact information in today’s guide.
Perhaps you are an Access bank retail or corporate banking user in Nigeria.

You must contact the Access bank call center in Nigeria if you want assistance.

However, there are other ways to contact Access bank customer assistance in Nigeria, which we will detail below.

Let us begin with their contact information without spending too much of your time.



Customer Service Contact Information for Access Bank Nigeria

The following are all of Access Bank Nigeria’s customer service telephone numbers:

• Tel. : +234 12712005

• Tel. : +234 12712007

• Tel. : +234 12712007

• +234 (0)234 12802500

• 07003000000

• Access to 0700 Calls (07002255222377).

If you’re in Nigeria and need to activate your Access bank Mobile PIN, dial this number: 012273007.

Customer Service Email Address for Access Bank Nigeria

As previously said, you may contact the Access bank service center in Nigeria by a variety of methods.

Apart from contacting Access bank through their helpline, you can also contact Access bank in Nigeria via their email address.

The customer service email address for Access bank Nigeria is as follows:

That was Access bank Nigeria’s official email address.

How Do I Communicate With An Access Bank Customer Service Rep?

If you wish to contact a customer service representative at Access bank in Nigeria, the following numbers should be dialed:

• +2412712005

• +2412802500

• 07003000000

• 12802500

• 07002255222377

These are the contact telephone numbers for Access Bank Nigeria customer service.

What Is Access Bank’s Customer Service Telephone Number?

Access Bank Nigeria’s customer service number is 012802500.

You can contact them at any time for assistance.

It is critical to remember that you must have specific information about your questions before teaching them.

Is There A Toll-Free Number For Access Bank?

Yes, Access bank Nigeria’s customer service department offers a toll-free number.

Access bank’s toll-free number enables you to contact the bank without incurring any charges.

Thus, even if your phone does not have airtime, you may still contact Access bank in Nigeria.

What Is The Toll-Free Number For Access Bank?

The following is the toll-free customer service number for Access bank Nigeria:

0700 Access Call or 0700225522237

That is Access bank’s toll-free number in Nigeria.




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