Access Bank Token PIN Guide | How To Get & Use Token PIN

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Have an Access token PIN? You’ll need one to make bank transactions.
The bank token code has numerous distinct features and plays a significant part in banking transactions.
Without banking security, your money will disappear quickly.

You may access your bank account from anywhere, unlike in the past.

Therefore, account security is crucial. The bank adopted a token PIN for mobile and internet banking customers.

How can I receive my Access Bank token Code? Here’s how.


Bank token access PIN authenticates all bank account transactions.

You must enter your token PIN to approve money transfers from your Access account.


Access Bank tokens:

1. Cryptocurrency

2. Coin

Each works the same; how you get them differs.

Soft tokens expire, so you can’t use them until you generate a new one.

Hard tokens are unique to your bank account and can be used repeatedly.


How Access bank token PIN works when buying airtime, paying bills, transferring money, etc.

You must input your Access bank token code to prove that you hold the account.

So works token PIN.

What’s my Access Bank Token PIN?

In each transaction you make with your account, you will be required to enter your token PIN to authorise it.

Follow the procedure for buying airtime, sending money, paying bills, etc., and input your token code when required.

So use your Access bank token PIN.

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