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Access Bank Transfer Code 2021 is a universal code that may be used at any bank. Access bank has not been left behind in this trend. As an Access bank customer, you now have the option of using Transfer Codes, Mobile Banking, or USSD Codes to conduct transactions from the comfort of your home. I’ll demonstrate how to manage your Access bank account using the ussd code in this article. Discover how to utilize the Access bank code to complete transactions quickly and easily.

This is feasible because of the phone number you entered to register your account. I’ll teach you how to access your bank’s USSD code using a guide and step-by-step instructions. This alleviates the burden associated with visiting a bank or ATM to send money.


Access Bank Codes Features



• how to transfer funds between Access banks as well as between Access banks and other banks.

• Airtime Purchase Procedures

• How to check the balance of a bank account

• How to Make Payments on Utilities

• Methods for Reimbursement of Vendors


How To Activate Access Bank Transfer Code 2021 


There are prerequisites and procedures that must be followed before one can begin transacting using the Access bank USSD code.

Please keep in mind that the phone number must be associated with an account.


The Activation Procedure For Access Bank USSD Banking

You must possess the following in order to enable access bank mobile banking: Accounts must be held by a single signatory, have a BVN, be in naira, and be unrestricted.

Now dial *901# and provide your account information as necessary. Ascertain that you have access to your ATM card when the code is called. You’ll be prompted to input your ATM card’s last four and last six digits.


Transfer Code 2021 for Access Bank

• If you wish to make a transfer to another Access bank account. Type *901*1*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number# into the *901*1*AMOUNT*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number# field. A payment of twenty dollars is levied for this service.

• To transfer funds from Access bank to non-Access bank accounts: Type *901*2*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number# into the *901*2*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number# entry field. 50 + 2.50 (VAT) for the service

How Much Does This Platform Cost For Each Feature?

Features Charges

Others get airtime


Opening a Free Account

Complimentary Data Acquisition

Free Balance Check

Transfer of Funds from Access Bank


N80+N4.00 for Fund Transfers to Other Banks (VAT)

No Fee for Merchants

Payment of Bills at No Cost

No Charge for OTP Generation


To Check Your Bank’s USSD Code,


Perhaps you are unaware of the actual balance in your account and wish to determine how much money is remaining. Or perhaps someone has sent you money and you’d like to verify that you’ve been credited.

You are not need to stress yourself out by going to the bank or standing in line at an ATM. You may check your account balance from anywhere, including your home, work, or other location. This is a simple procedure that takes little time. Bear in mind that this is not a free service; you will be charged.

Follow the steps below to check your Access Bank balance:

• Enter *901*5# and then follow the on-screen instructions.

• After that, enter your BVN’s last four digits.

• Wait a few seconds before the balance of your bank account is displayed.


How to Purchase Airtime Using an Access Bank Account

Your account may be used to recharge your phone. This contributes to the cashless movement’s success. Avoid running out of airtime again; it’s simple and safe to recharge today.

You can recharge both your own phone number and that of third parties ( another phone number not used to open access bank account). This service is completely free; there are no fees associated with it.

• To purchase airtime for an Access Bank registered phone number (the phone number used to create an Access Bank account), dial *901*amount#, for example, *901*200#.

• To recharge an unregistered phone number (a phone number that was not used to create an Access bank account) using your registered phone number, call *901*amount*phone number#, for example: *901*200*08104128059#.

This service is not network-specific. Glo, MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile customers may access it. Take use of the mobile banking access bank code.

How To Pay Your Bills Using Access Bank’s USSD Code

You may be surprised to learn that you may pay utility bills straight from your Access bank account. Consider paying for your preferred television networks and services, such as DStv, Swift, or Smile. It alleviates much of your tension and simplifies your life.

To take use of the service, call *901*3# and follow the on-screen instructions.


2021 Access Bank USSD Code / Access Bank Transfer Codes Summary


Short Codes

*901*Amount# airtime for self

*901*Amount*Phone Number# – Airtime for others

*901*0# Create an account

*901*8# Acquire Data

*901*5# Inquiry Regarding Account Balance

Transfer of Funds to Access Bank *901*1*Account Number#

Transfers of Funds to Other Financial Institutions

*901*2*Account Number#

*901*3*Amount*Merchant Code# Merchant Payment

*901*3# Invoice Payment

*901*4*1# OTP Generating

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Access Bank’s USSD Code and Mobile Banking

Numerous individuals have inquiries regarding the Access Bank Transfer Code and Access Bank mobile banking. I’ve diagrammed some of the questions and included detailed responses below. Take use of your bank’s access code for mobile banking.

Which Account Types are Acceptable for the *901# Service?

Accounts must be held by a single signatory, have a BVN, be in naira, and be unrestricted.

To utilize *901#, do I need to have airtime on my mobile phone?

Certainly. To utilize *901#, you must have airtime.


Is it possible to do banking transactions using *901# on a tablet?

*901# may be accessed with any mobile device capable of dialing phone numbers.

Is *901# a universal code?

This platform is accessible to customers of MTN, GLO, 9mobile, and Airtel.

Is *901# Banking Available on All Cell Phones?

Certainly. *901# may be accessed using smart or feature phones.

Is *901# available just to holders of Access Bank accounts?

*901# transactions are available only to clients having an Access Bank account. Non-Access Bank customers, on the other hand, can open accounts using *901# to take advantage of seamless transactions. Take use of the mobile banking access bank code.

I have accounts with many banks. On *901#, how do I select the account with which I wish to transact?

Answer: When you dial *901#, one of your accounts is set as the default. However, by following the procedures below, you can alter your default account.

Select Default Account by dialing *901# > 8 > Next > 3.

What Am I Required to Do If My Phone Is Stolen?

Answer: Contact Access Bank’s contact center immediately to request that your phone number be blocked from using the USSD service. After reclaiming your line, contact the contact center to get it activated on the USSD platform.


Is it possible to utilize *901# USSD Banking when I am not in Nigeria?

Answer: You may utilize the *901# platform as long as you are roaming with your mobile number.

How much airtime and money may be transferred?

The daily allowance for *901# is N20,000.



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