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McCarthy, Aiden Parents: Aiden McCarthy, age 2, lost both of his parents in the 4th of July parade shooting in the affluent Highland Park neighbourhood of Chicago. During the commotion, he was separated from his parents.


We will now talk about Aiden McCarthy’s parents. How did his parents fare?

Strangers Discovered Aiden’s Parents, Who Were Killed in a Mass Shooting

The mass shooting in Highland Park on Monday claimed the lives of Aiden’s parents. His parents were among those who perished in the shooting spree. Aiden was found with a stranger by Dana and Greg Ring (a couple), who took him away.

Aiden was unharmed. Greg and Dana made a stop at the fire station. Where Dana and Greg should bring the boy was unclear to them. Later, he was picked up by a police detective and brought back to his grandparents’ hospital room.

Families of Aiden McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy (the father) and Irina McCarthy gave birth to Aiden McCarthy (Mother). One of the seven victims of the shooting massacre was his parents. While his mother was 35 years old, his father was 37.

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Age, Biography, and Wiki of Aiden McCarthy

America’s state of Illinois is where Aiden McCarthy was born. Although his precise birthdate is unknown, he was born in the year 2020. As of 2022, he is two years old. His religion and zodiac sign are unknown. On July 4, 2022, a mass shooting claimed the lives of his parents.

Wiki, biography, parents, and age of Aiden McCarthy


McCarthy, Aiden Size and Weight

There are no measurements of Aiden McCarthy’s height and weight available online. He is only two years old.

Q&A Regarding Aiden McCarthy
What is Aiden McCarthy’s name?

A mass shooting that occurred at the Fourth of July Parade claimed the lives of Aiden McCarthy’s parents, who were both 2 years old.

Q.2 Who are the parents of Aiden McCarthy?

Kevin McCarthy (the father) and Irina McCarthy gave birth to Aiden McCarthy (Mother).

3. What is Aiden McCarthy’s age?


In 2022, Aiden McCarthy will be 2 years old.

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