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Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgrd After serving in the Swedish military, he returned to acting, landing his first role in an American film, Zoolander. He appeared in the miniseries Generation Kill. He began his acting career at the age of seven. He has also appeared in Melancholia (2011), Battleship (2012), and The Legend of Tarzan (2016).

People are now looking for Alexander Skarsgrd. What was Alexander Skarsgrd’s name? You may learn everything there is to know about Alexander Skarsgrd.

Children of Alexander Skarsgrd

People are curious about Alexander’s wife, as he is single. He had a relationship with Chung, a model.


Biography, Wiki, and Age of Alexander Skarsgrd

Alexander was well-known in Sweden as an actor.

He is best known as Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgrd, his full name.

He was born in the Swedish city of Stockholm. He was born on August 25, 1976. He is of Swedish origin. He finished high school at a nearby high school. He received his bachelor’s degree from Marymount Manhattan College.

Alexander’s age is 45. Every year on August 25, he celebrated his birthday. His astrological sign is Leo. His religion has not yet been mentioned.

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Siblings and Alexander’s Parents (Father and Mother)

We will learn about Alexander Skarsgrd’s father and mother in this paragraph. Stellan Skarsgrd is his father’s name. My Skarsgrd is the name of his mother. His father is a well-known Swedish actor. Bill Skarsgrd, Gustaf Skarsgrd, Valter Skarsgrd, Eija Skarsgrd, and Sam Skarsgrd are his five siblings.

Skarsgard, Alexander Ethnicity and nationality

Alexander was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, and holds Swedish nationality. His race is not given.

Skarsgard Alexander Weight and Height

Net Worth of Alexander Skarsgrd

Now we’ll talk about Alexander Skarsgrd’s net worth. He has a net worth of $14 million.

Alexander Skarsgrd Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What was Alexander Skarsgrd’s real name?

Alexander Skarsgrd is a well-known Swedish actor.

Q.2 When was Alexander Skarsgrd born?

Alexander Skarsgrd will be 45 years old in 2022.

Who was Alexander Skarsgrd’s wife?

Alexander is unmarried, and the name of his wife is unknown.

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