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In an effort to provide service delivery spending to customers, Polaris bank has disclosed that bank customers can now transact seamlessly, quickly from their comfort zone without visiting the banking hall using Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD). However, for the purposes of this article, we will examine every Polaris bank USSD code for financial transactions.

With Polaris bank Smart Banking *833#, existing and prospective customers can instantly Open an account, Buy airtime, Transfer funds, and Pay their bills from anywhere.

Customers of Polaris Bank can use USSD code infinite so long as the cumulative limit of N50,000 has not been reached. The following fees apply for using Polaris Bank’s USSD services.

• Balance Enquiry N10.50



• Transfers (Same Bank) N10.50

• Transfers (Different Bank) N52.50

• Payment of Bills (PHCN, DSTV) N105

• Bill Payments (LCC) N52.50

• Bill Payments (Bet9ja) N52.50

• All other *833# smart banking services are free of charge.

Available Services for Polaris Bank USSD Code

When using Unstructured Supplemental Service Data (USSD) for banking services, the following service is available to Polaris bank customers:

Create a New Account (*833*1)

2. Pay Bills (*833*2#)

3. Transfer Funds (*833*3#)

Hotlist Card.

5. Renew your BVN (*833*5#) – Coming Soon

Check your Balance by dialling *833*6#.

7. Use MasterPass to pay (*833*7#)

Airtime Top-Up

Additional Services

Customers of Polaris bank do not need data on their phone to use *833#. It saves you time waiting in line at the branch to check your account balance or transfer money between accounts at any Nigerian bank.

Polaris bank ussd is compatible with all phone types; it is intelligent, quick, and convenient.

You can transact up to N50,000 per day, and you can pay your electricity bill, renew your DStv subscription, and enjoy sports more by funding your Bet9ja account.

How to Register/Sign Up for the Polaris Bank USSD Transfer Code

Follow the steps below to register or sign up for Polaris bank’s PolarisMobile service. as outlined below.

1. Dial *833# from your registered Polaris Bank line

2. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your account number

3. Enter any four-digit number as the PIN

4. Balance is exhibited

You are now registered for Smart Banking with *833#

Account Opening Instructions (*833*1#)

To open an account with Polaris Bank as a prospective customer from the comfort of your home or other convenient location. Dial *833# and select option 1 or dial *833*1# and follow the on-screen prompts from your mobile phone.

2. enter your: Initials | Surname | Birth Date | Address

Upon completion, you will receive an SMS message informing you of your new Polaris Bank Account Number and any necessary next steps, if any.

A unique account number will be generated automatically and texted to you.

Account opening forms are NOT required during registration. Upon registration, keep an eye out for your ten-digit account number (NUBAN).

How to Make Payments (*833*2)

Renew your DSTV subscription, pay your electricity bill, and fund your Bet9ja account using the ussd code from your Polaris account.

1. Dial *833*2# from your mobile phone that is linked to your Polaris bank account. 2. Select your preferred account to pay with. 3. Select a biller. 4. Enter payment information and validate with your PIN.

2. Enter the quantity

3. Enter your PIN (Please use your PolarisMobile PIN if you are a PolarisMobile user, or enter the 4-digit PIN you created during your *833# registration).

How to Transfer Money Using *833*3#

To transfer money from Polaris bank to another bank account using a usssd code, please follow the steps outlined below.

1. Enter *833*Amount*Account#

2. Select the debit account

3. Select the bank of the account to which you wish to transfer funds.

4. Confirm the account information by confirming the account name

5. Enter your PIN to complete the transaction.

How to Buy Airtime

Please follow the steps below to purchase Airtime or a recharge card from Polaris bank using a mobile transfer code also known as a USSD code.


1. Dial *833*AMOUNT# from your Polaris Bank-registered phone line to instantly recharge it.

Purchase of Airtime for Others

Using your polaris bank usssd code, you can purchase airtime or recharge cards for family and friends. Dial *833*AMOUNT*PHONENUMBER# to purchase airtime for others and follow the on-screen instructions.

Buying Airtime for Third Party 

Please follow the steps below to buy airtime for a phone that is not linked to your Polaris bank account.

1. Dial *833*AMOUNT*PHONENUMBER# (e.g. *833*100*08001234567#)

2. Choose an account

3. Choose a network

4. Select the Account to Charge

5. Enter Pin

You may also purchase Airtime by following the steps listed below.

7. Dial *833#

Choose option 8 from the menu (Airtime top-up) Click the send button

9. Select alternative 2 for third parties

10. Select the debit account

11. Select network for the receiver

Enter the recipient’s phone number.

Enter airtime quantity

14. Enter pin (this should be PolarisMobile PIN for PolarisMobile users)

Instructions for Hotlisting a Card (*833*4#)

To block your ATM debit card issued by Polaris Bank in the event of fraud or when your account has been compromised by scammers if it has been lost, stolen, expired, or is missing.

Follow the on-screen prompts to quickly block your Polaris bank debit card by dialling *833*4#.

Check Your Account Balance (*833*6#)

To check your Polaris bank account balance on the go from any location without having to visit a bank branch or wait in line at an ATM.

Simply dial *833*6# on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen instructions to check the balance or transaction history of your Polaris bank account.

You can also follow these steps to check the balance of your Polaris Bank account on the go.

1. Dial *833*6# from your registered Polaris Bank line

2. Choose option 6 to view your account balance

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your account number

4. Enter any four-digit number to be used as your PIN (please use your PolarisMobile PIN if you are a PolarisMobile user, or enter the four-digit PIN you created during your *833# registration).

Please be aware that there is a N10 fee to check your balance.

How do I change my PIN using *833#?

If you feel that your Polaris bank USSD PIN has been compromised, follow the steps below.

1. dial *833# from your Polaris Bank-registered phone number

Choose option 9 or * from the menu (other services) Click the send button

3. Choose option 1 to change your pin

4. Select the account number for which you wish to change the PIN.

5. Enter your current PIN or the default PIN (if a PIN reset has occurred) in the “OLD PIN” field and send.

6. Enter your new PIN in the field labelled “New PIN”

7. Enter your new PIN again to confirm.

8. Your PIN has been changed successfully.

Exist short codes for each *833# Polaris bank service?

Account Creation *833*1

Bills Payment *833*2#

Transfer Funds *833*3#

Card number *833*4#

Balance Enquiry *833*6#

*833*7# MasterPass



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