The CSSPS School Placement Portal | All You Need To Know


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Everything you need to know about the CSSPS School Placement Portal for Free SHS Placements | 2022 CSSPS School Placement Portal for Free SHS Placements

The ministry of education owns the school selection portal, which is a vital website. It is used to place School and Private BECE applicants who have completed their respective exams into their desired schools.

Understanding the website will enable students, instructors, and parents to utilize the portal more efficiently and effectively.

The many pages on the school placement site and their functions.

a. Examine the Placement page/button

This is the most significant page on the CSSPS School Placement Portal since it enables users to input their index numbers, checker pins, and obtain their school placement data for printing.

If an applicant is not put in a school, the same site urges them to conduct a self-placement. When a student does not qualify for self-placement, that information is not visible until you log in to your placement page.

All you need to know about the CSSPS School Placement Portal

b. Retrieve Voucher Page

Those who have lost their School placement checker can key in the relevant information here to retrieve the code for check the placement without the need to buy a new one.

All you need to know about the CSSPS School Placement Portal

c. Approved -voucher vendors 

Here you will find all the contacts of companies that sell the School placement checkers in bulk and also to individuals.


    • FACE DYNAMIC VENTURES – Tel: 0553 207927 / 0202 510037
    • ARB APEX BANK – Tel: 0302 744844
    • TRIHORN VENTURES – Tel: 0595 099040
    • QUALIVEX SOLUTIONS – Tel: 0209 698430
    • PEE AND FAUSTY GHANA LIMITED – Tel: 0247 309847
    • GHANA POST LIMITED – Tel: 0579 579100/0302 668138
    • NYARKAB LOVE VENTURES – Tel: 0559 580052/0240 395074
    • BLOOMFOUNTAIN LIMITED – Tel: 0241 688813
    • SPRINGHILL GHANA LIMITED – Tel: 0244 132008



This is where you may discover relevant contact lines for seeking assistance with complaints and enquiries. If the placements are made public but you are put in a girls’ school despite the fact that you are a guy, For assistance, contact the helplines.

Page of the Manual

This is the website where the CSSP school placement portal gives important suggestions for verifying your placements, self-placing, and reclaiming your lost school placement checker card.

This page has provided you with all of the information you want concerning the CSSPS School Placement Portal.


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