BagaBaga CoE students result not released, forced to resit exam


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According to Ghana Education News’ most recent College of Education news, BagaBaga CoE students’ results have not been revealed, but they are being compelled to retake the exam.

Students cannot register for a resit in the normal course of events if they do not know the outcomes of the examination. However, evidence obtained by suggests that the school’s administration has instructed final-year college students to register for the resit.

Following this management directive, disgruntled and unhappy level 400 students of BagaBaga college of education in the northern region of Tamale, who are doing their internship program (teaching practice), find themselves in a serious and painful situation, as the school’s management has withheld their level 300 second semester results and has instructed all students to register for the resit of the exam when the school has failed to make the result public.

Despite the fact that the resit test for the delayed results is planned for November 29th, 2021, Bagabaga pupils do not know who has a referred paper and who does not. The pupils are also unaware of which curse they have to resit. A cross-section of the impacted pupils think that if implemented, this violates the ideals of justice and equality.

The present managerial stance has left pupils befuddled.

According to information obtained by, the general list from UCC revealed that the majority of the students at the identified college did not do well in the test, but the institution has not yet disclosed the results.

“Here, our right has been denied by management; we don’t even know who is to resit, much alone which courses one must resit for”… A depressed student revealed.

Students have condemned management’s unilateral decision that students must pay their level 400 school fees before they can obtain their level 300 results as unjust.

In retrospect, management’s approach is incorrect since the students have already paid their level 300 fees for the test and should not be forced to pay their level 400 costs before they can view their prior results.

“We don’t owe any payments for that semester, but we can’t check our grades.” While response to the command, one of the pupils stated. ”

The trainees are now in a condition of anxiety and turmoil of mind and ideas, and are having sleepless nights as a consequence of the college administration’s entrenched attitude of “pay your level 400 school fees before having access to your level 300 second semester results.”

So far, all appeals, talks, and pleas by student organisations, as well as certain instructors, for the college administration to reverse its decision have been futile.

This is what students had to say about management’s stance, attempts to remedy the situation, and their present location.
Despite the out-of-program challenges labeled against students; renting of places to stay for the program, feeding has become a major challenge, project work of which hard copies are printed on a regular basis, T & T from homes to the assigned schools, and the worst of all: no payment of trainees’ allowance for the past 9 months management has turned a blind eye to these draconian measures we are subjected to. We are requesting that all parties act in this problem before we do something worse that we are not yet prepared to divulge.

We cannot sit back and let our four years of agony be in vain. We are not prepared to be mocked. The college administration has put our liberties in jeopardy! We need our results from the Bagabaga College of Education’s level 400 students.

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