BECE School Placement Guidelines – 2022/2023

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Candidates who took the BECE tests in 2021 and are awaiting placement in Senior High Schools (SHS) are eager to learn when the BECE placement result will be released. The majority of them continue to inquire about the date of the online release of the BECE placement results for 2021.

As of right now, the placing results have not been released. Normally, the result of the BECE examination is available after 45 days. Thus, a credible source indicates that the installation will take place between March 21st and March 28th, 2022. After the results are released, the Ghana Education Service (GES) will initiate the “Computerized School Selection and Placement System” procedure (CSSPS).

Last week, on February 28th, the West Africa Examination Council published the BECE candidate results on its website. BECE applicants are strongly advised to purchase the school placement checker prior to gaining access to their schools.


However, prior to the publication of school placement information, please see The School You May Receive Based On Your Grade below.

GROUPS 6 – 9

Students who worked diligently to earn grades 6 to 9 may have a better chance of getting into their first choice of schools.

11 – 19 YEARS OLD

Students who worked hard to earn marks ranging from 1 to 19 after combining their top six subjects are likely to receive their second choice from the schools they choose.

How To Check Online BECE School Placement?

1. Then, purchase the placement checker by selecting the buy voucher option and paying 5GHC for the Placement Checker card using MTN Mobile Money.

2. After purchasing the CSSPS placement checker, navigate to the CSSPS portal and choose the check Placement Option.

How can I modify my school’s location?

Each letter should contain the following essential information:

1. Include a date at the top of your letter.

2. Provide your child’s complete name, as well as the name of his or her primary instructor or current class placement.

3. State your desires rather than your dissatisfactions.

4. Include your address and a contact phone number that is available during the day.

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