Capital One Zelle Limits 2022 (Daily, Weekly And Monthly Limits)

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Banks often put limits on how much money you can take out of your account in one day. If you look at how well most banks stick to these limits, you’ll see that they work. There are limits on how much you can take out, how much you can spend, and how much you can put in.

Enter Zelle. You probably already know it as the platform that lets you send and receive money quickly using any of the banks that support it. Also, you probably know that Capital One is one of the banks that started the platform. This makes them one of the best choices when it comes to limits.

In this article, you’ll learn about the limits of using Zelle with Capital One Bank to send and receive money. If you don’t know how Zelle works, don’t worry. This article will also show you how to use Zelle to send money from your Capital One bank account to someone else.




If you know Zelle’s story inside and out, you’re not likely to ask this question. But for the purpose of this discussion, let’s assume that no one here knows and that we’re trying to find out if Capital One Bank has Zelle.

Yes, it does. Zelle is a service that every bank customer who has an account can use. The bank was also one of the first members of Zelle. In a nutshell, Capital One Bank is one of the seven banks that own and run the payment system as a group.

Customers have a lot to gain from Capital One being one of the owners. First, and most importantly, you can use the service, which lets you send money quickly and for free to anyone in the U.S. with a bank that works with Zelle. This is a huge benefit in and of itself.


On the other hand, since Zelle is a product of the bank, it’s likely that the bank will have better limits on how much money you can send and receive with it. If you want the best of something, you have to go to the owner, which in this case is Capital One.

Having said all that, I think I should show you the Capital One Zelle limit so you can decide if you want to open an account with the bank or not. In the next section, you’ll find answers to your questions about the limits of Capital One and Zelle.



You should already know that Capital One isn’t a problem for you if Zelle is a deal breaker for you. But it’s still important to know how much you can send and receive and to compare that to what other banks offer before deciding on the best option from an objective point of view.

Before I talk about the limits, I should tell you that these are only the Zelle limits for Capital One Bank. They don’t apply to your bank unless you use the same account. With Zelle, banks can set their limits however they want, and what you’ll see below is Capital One doing what it can. So, what are the limits of the Capital One Zelle?


When you use Zelle to send money from your Capital One account, you can only send a maximum of $2,500 every 24 hours. This limit starts at midnight and resets at midnight every day, so it’s easy to know when to stop sending.

You should also know that Capital One Zelle doesn’t have set weekly or monthly limits. You can send as much as the system will let you, but you can only send $2,500 per day. But if your transactions happen too often, the bank may be forced to tell the authorities.

There are no limits on how much you can receive through Zelle. As long as you have an account with a bank like Capital One, you can receive as much as you want on the platform without worrying about any limits.


Before you ask someone to pay off your $750,000 debt all at once, you should know that their account has limits on how much they can pay you per day. Also, if their bank isn’t called Capital One, there’s a good chance that the limit isn’t even $2,500 per day.



Only a few banks are as good as Capital One when it comes to using the Zelle payment service. The payment service is already built into the bank’s mobile app and online banking, which makes sense since the bank is one of the companies that owns the service.

With this kind of integration already in place, using Zelle should be a breeze. If you already have a Capital One account, the steps below will show you how to use Zelle on that account to start the transaction.


If you’re using Capital One Bank right now, it’s likely that you do most of your transactions on the go with the mobile app. Adding that to the Zelle payment service is easy because the app already has the ability to send money with Zelle.

Send “MOBILE” to 80101 to get a link that lets you download and install the bank’s mobile app so you can use the payment service from your Capital One mobile app. Then, sign up, choose any of your checking accounts, and tap the Send Money With Zelle option to get started.

If you’re not comfortable with the mobile app, you can try other things, like using the real Zelle app or going to the Capital One website to use Zelle.


• Using Capital One’s website for online banking

Capital One Bank has more than one way to use Zelle than just the mobile app. You can also try to make a transfer by logging into the website at If you want to bank from your computer instead of your Android or iOS phone, the website is the better choice.

On the Capital One website, using Zelle is exactly the same as using the app. Click on the account you want to use, choose “Send Money With Zelle,” enter the amount you want to send, and finish the transfer. It’s simple and quick.

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