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CIBT Student Portal

The Student Portal is also known as the CIBT Portal

5 Things to know before Login

Before attempting to login into the CIBT student portal, Users must note the following regulations that will help secure their password.

1. Create a shortlist of memorable passwords.

2. Never use your social security number as a password. Hackers have developed expertise in decrypting social security numbers.

3. It is recommended that you use a password that has a minimum of six mixed-case alphabetic characters.


4. Avoid utilizing easily identifiable – and hence hackable – protocols.


5. You may also opt to change your password on a regular basis for further protection.

How to Login to CIBT Student Portal

Step 1:

Open your browser, and navigate to the CIBT Portal or simply click on

Step 2:

Login with username and password.

Step 3:

On successful login, you’ll be directed to your student portal.

For any complaint, view the student service portal for help


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