Citibank online and mobile banking: How to enroll, transfer money home abroad and bills payment

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Citibank account holder who has not yet signed up for online and mobile banking? Do you believe the registration/enrollment process is cumbersome and you have no idea how to register? If so, you are mistaken, as Citibank online banking registration is very simple and straightforward.
No longer is it necessary to visit the banking hall and wait in long lines to conduct transactions. You can enjoy the benefits of online banking, including instant bill payment and fund transfer, easy access to your account statement, direct blocking of ATM cards, account summaries, etc.

At every stage of a client’s financial journey, the bank serves as a trusted advisor to retail, wealth management, and small business clients. 54 million accounts worldwide. Citi Branded Cards generated $427 billion in annual purchase sales and ended the year with a loan portfolio worth $107 billion.

Citi Branded Cards provides consumers and small businesses with payment, credit, and lending options.

The world’s largest credit card issuer and preferred partner of the world’s most recognisable brands and digital leaders.



We will discuss how to enrol in CitiBank’s online and mobile banking services.

How to Register for Online Banking with Citi.

Depending on your country of residence, you may be required to enrol with your Citi Debit Card to initiate the Citibank online registration process. Please adhere to the steps:

First, click REGISTER under Online Banking on the homepage:

Enter your credit card number and expiration date, then your date of birth. You must format your date of birth as DD-MM-YYYY.

3.Click PROCEED.

A box requesting a One-Time Password appears. Your One-Time Password will be sent immediately via text message to your mobile device.

5. Enter the code and click CONTINUE.

Choose a User ID that is simple to remember.

7.Select a password that is simple to remember but cannot be guessed based on your personal information.

8. Review the Terms and Conditions, then click Register when you’re ready.

How to register with Citibank Mobile banking

To enrol in Citi Mobile Banking, you must first register for Citi Online; the same credentials can then be used to access the Mobile application.

2. Download the App from the Apple App Store and Google Play

3.If you are registered for Citi Online, you can immediately begin using the app after downloading it.

How to Pay a Bill Using Online and Mobile Banking

Sign in to use Citibank’s online and mobile banking to pay bills.

2.From your My Citi dashboard, select Sending Money. Click Send cash

3.From the drop-down menu, select Make a Bill Payment as the Transaction Type.

4.Select the From account you wish to transfer from and the To account you wish to transfer to (To 5. specify your payee, select from any merchants you’ve previously added, or select Send money to new merchant).

6. Select your Utility Payee from the drop-down list of merchant categories you wish to pay.

7. Provide the payee with an easily recognisable nickname.

Enter the amount that will be deducted.

9. Select between immediate, future, and recurring payments.

Send cash

Citibank’s online and mobile banking platforms make it simple to send money to local or foreign countries. You can easily and securely send money in 60+ currencies to more than 200 countries. Using SWIFT, you can send money to a non-Citi bank account outside of your country.

Follow these steps to send money abroad using Citibank’s online and mobile banking services:

Sign in and select Send Money from the dropdown menu that appears when you hover over Sending Money.

2.On a new page, choose Send Money Abroad Using SWIFT for the Transaction Type.

Select the From account from the available accounts list.

4. For To account, select the overseas non-Citi accounts added previously and listed under Pay To Any Of The Below Payees, or select Send money to new payee and enter the new payee’s account information.

The local currency of the payee’s account will be selected automatically. If no local currency is available, USD will be the default currency.

Enter the transfer amount and complete the remaining required fields. If you are sending money within the EU, the fee will be split between your account and the recipient’s. Please select the Charge Type if you’re shipping outside of the EU.

The Transfer Date will be displayed as the current date. Please note that only certain currencies are available for transfers with future dates.

8. examine the specifics of your transfer.

9. All in order? Click CONFIRM to complete the task.

Send money to your country’s local bank.

Please follow the steps below to send money to a local bank in either the United States or the United Kingdom.

Sign in and select Money Transfers from the My Citi dashboard. Click Send cash

2. From the drop-down menu, choose Send Money to an Account with Another UK or US Bank

3. Select the From Account from which you wish to send money, and the To account (To specify your payee, choose from previously-added payees, or select Send Money to New Payee).

Enter the amount to be deducted.

5.Select whether you wish to pay now or at a later date. Create an alternative recurring payment.

Review the summary of the instructions.

Click Send Money to complete the transaction. To return to your My Citi dashboard, click Accept.

How to Send Money to a Citi Account From Abroad

Follow the steps below to send money to another Citibank outside of your country.

Sign in and select Money Transfers from the My Citi dashboard. Click the Send Money link on the new page.

2.Select Send funds via Citi Global Transfers from the drop-down menu.

Select the account from which you wish to send money. To specify your payee, select from previously added overseas Citi accounts or select Send money to new payee.

4.Select the country to which the funds will be sent.

5. Enter the Payee’s name, moniker, and account number

Check and confirm the transfer instruction’s specifics.

7. Click CONFIRM to send the funds immediately.

Choose from immediate, future, or recurring payment options.



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