Tracey Boakye is sponsoring wedding with potential husband as he allegedly has nothing?

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Online talk about the upcoming wedding of Tracey Boakye and her recently revealed fiance Frank Badu Ntimoah is getting more and more specific.

A bird told Blogger Ghanafuo ho Nsem that Frank is not rich and that all the fancy things planned for this wedding are coming from Tracey’s money.

The blogger wrote on his IG page about what he had found:

“I have been fighting the urge not to write this post, but……

I know that most people still don’t know who Tracy’s future husband is going to be. Most of my German friends already know about it, so I can’t keep quiet about it. The name he goes by is FRANK BADU NTIMOAH.

Someone who acts in Kumawood and lives in Bremen/Hannover. Germany “If you know, you know.” “PePe,” a movie producer in Germany, is his older brother. (Red Lacost’s second slide).

Their mom owns an Afro shop in Bremem (name)…

coded.. Frank was the reason Tracy and her kids went to Germany before.”

While that was going on, Tracey Boakye’s bridal shower happened last night, and a video of what was going to happen has been making the rounds online.

A bridal shower is a party held before the wedding to honor the bride and bring together her closest family and friends.

Before she gets married, guests will eat and drink together, bring gifts, play games, and talk to each other.

As we expected, most of the talk on social media was about the decorations Tracey chose and the style of the event.

Since it’s not up to us to judge, we’ll let you decide. Check out the video;

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