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American actor, stand-up comedian, television personality, and writer David is well-known. In popular films like Tommy Roy (1995), Black Sheep (1996), Joe Dirt (2001), Dickle Robert: Former Child Star (2003), The Benchwarmers (2006), and The Wrong Missy (2008), he plays the lead part (2020).

You may learn all about David Spade’s parents right here. Who are the parents of David Spade? What race does David Spade belong to?

Age, Biography, and Wiki of David Spade

On July 22, 1964, David Spade was born. The United States city of Birmingham, Michigan, is where he was born. David Wayne Spade, also referred to as David Spade, is his real name. For his senior year of high school, David attended Saguaro High School.

He earned his degree from Arizona State University and is very qualified. His zodiac sign is Scorpio, and he practises Christianity.

You can find out everything about David Spade’s wiki, biography, age, ethnicity, parents, wife, kids, net worth, and more in this blog.

David Spade’s biography and age

In 2022, David Spade will be 57 years old.

We will now discuss his religion, which is Christianity.

David Spade’s country of birth and ethnicity

Now that we have discussed David Spade’s parents, it is time to discuss his ethnic heritage and nationality. We want to let you know that David Spade’s ethnicity is unknown. He is of American descent.

Who are the parents (father and mother) of David Spade?

People are looking for David Spade’s parents right now. His father is Wayne M. Spade, and his mother is Judith M. Spade. Bryan Spade and Andy Spade are his older brothers. He grew up with their mother after his parents divorced when he was a toddler.

wife of David Spade

Here, we talked about his marital situation. Our study indicates that he was never married. Our research indicates that he had a large number of women in his life to keep him company. Harper Spade is the name of his only child.


Body Measurement

If we’re talking about David Spade’s physical characteristics, we can tell that he weighs 82 kg and is 5 feet 10 inches tall.

what David Spade is worth

People are looking for David’s net worth right now. We’d like to let you know that he has a net worth of roughly $70 million.

David Spade FAQ

Q.1 David Spade: who is he?

A well-known American actor, comedian, television host, and writer is named David.

Who are David Spade’s parents, number two?

Ans. Judith M. Spade is David’s mother, and Wayne M. Spade is his father.

3. Who is the wife of David Spade?

David Spade is single.

Q.4 What country does David Spade hail from?

David Spade is an American.

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