Deborah James Illness, Health Update, Still Alive & Bowel Cancer

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Deborah James is a fantastic podcaster, writer, and author from the United Kingdom.

How to Live When You Could Be Dead, Money From Nothing, and a few other books Deborah has written are well known.

being a cancer patient James will live out her days in hospice, surrounded by her loved ones.

Deborah James’s Condition

Deborah James, a 40-year-old BBC podcaster, has a terminal form of bowel cancer.

In 2016, James received a cancer diagnosis after learning that the illness was incurable and she only had five years to live.

Because bowel cancer affects the large intestine and the colon is the last part of the digestive tract, James’ cancer is not being treated.

Health Updates for Deborah James

Since Deborah is spending so much time with her loved ones, her cancer can no longer be treated at all, and she is running out of time.

Her health was recently updated in a tweet, which also stated that her active treatment was coming to an end and she would be receiving hospice at-home care for the remainder of her days.

The message Never did I want to be a writer. It’s time to say goodbye now. Even with five years to prepare, it is still not simple. I’m receiving hospice care at home and am spending my time with my loved ones. To support me and raise money, kindly buy me a.

— Deborah James, May 9, 2022 (@bowelbabe)

Deborah James: Is She Alive Today?

Deborah James is currently resting at her home and is still alive. She is at the end of her life because every minute is crucial to her.

When she said that “the time has come to say goodbye,” she was inconsolable.

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