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Physical therapist Denise Huskins. She was the target of Matthew Muller’s abduction, which the police initially believed to be a fake. She is a typical young woman who works in California as a physical therapist.

Huskins came out in September 2015 and admitted to being taken hostage for three days while also being sexually assaulted. The cops openly questioned her story when she was freed.

They imply that the entire incident was made up. Three days after her kidnapping in Huntington Beach, California, she was reunited with her family.

Denise Huskins’s parents, wiki, age, biography, husband, ethnicity, net worth, and other details are covered in this article.

Denise Huskins Age, Biography, and Wiki

Physical therapist Denise Huskins. She goes by Denise Huskins, which is her full name. He was born in 1986. Currently, he is 35 years old. She was born in California, in the US. There is no mention of her zodiac sign. The United States city of Vallejo is where she currently resides.

She is of American descent. She is highly competent, yet her school and college information is not posted on social media.

You can find out about Denise Huskins’s parents, wiki, age, biography, husband, ethnicity, net worth, and more in this blog.

Details about Denise Huskins (Wiki, Age, Height, Husband)

Husband of Denise Huskins

We will now discuss her marital status. She has a husband. Aaron Quinn is the name of his husband. The couple wed in 2018. Olivia is the name of the lovely daughter of this couple. She was a 2020 baby.

Huskins, Denise

Nationality and Ethnicity

There is no mention of Denise’s race anywhere. She was raised in California, in the United States, where she was born, giving her American citizenship.

Parents and siblings of Denise Huskins

Her parents gave birth to Denise. The names of his parents are omitted. She is very devoted to her family. Social media platforms do not have information on his siblings.

Huskins, Denise Size and Weight

We’ll talk about Denise’s measurements now; her height and weight are left out.

Net Worth of Denise Huskins

Physical therapist Denise has a higher net worth. He doesn’t indicate his estimated current net worth. Social media indicates that she is leading a typical life.

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