Does Candy Crack Really Pay?

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People wonder if candy crack really pays or if it’s just another scam app that promises lots of rewards but doesn’t deliver.

Before downloading the candy crack game, it may be helpful to know what to expect. You should expect to see many ads while playing the game.

Let’s look at the candy crack game, how to earn from it, and how to claim cash rewards.


Candy Crack real?



Candy Crack never pays players. You waste time collecting coins you can’t redeem. This game paid players to gain popularity and users. No longer pay users.



Candy crack has been praised and criticised online. According to Google Play reviews, the candy crack game is a scam. Users find the game misleading, annoying, and time-wasting.

I tried candy crack and found it to be a scam. I played the game for a long time and won lots of cash.


When the app stopped rewarding me, things changed. I thought it was an app bug and updated it. I’ve also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

I left a message for customer support but never received an explanation for why my rewards were frozen. My friend had the same issue while playing candy crack.

The app developers know you can’t withdraw money without a minimum balance, so they froze earnings.


The freezing of earnings is meant to create controversy because many people won’t be paid. Some people may feel lucky and think they’ll get paid in the end.

A user complained he earned $950+ before his earnings froze and was never paid after trying everything.

Not everyone experiences the freezing of rewards earnings while playing, but those who earn over $1,000 report a different roadblock when claiming their rewards.


Complaints include having to watch tonnes of video ads or using the app for over 300 days.

App developers may not pay you after you earn $1,000, claiming you weren’t playing fairly. Thomson was accused of engaging in unusual activities to boost his earnings after he won $1,000 playing fairly.

You can keep playing candy crack despite the comments above, or you can stop.


Candy Crack’s Concept

The game is a puzzle designed to test players’ intelligence. Sophia Games created the game.


Sophia Games’ puzzle game requires you to click on two similar candies to remove them. As you play, you’ll earn in-app money and coins that you can cash out using PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and app credits.

Candy crack is like other money-making apps in that you must earn a certain amount before withdrawing. You should have 50 million coins, or $1,000, in this scenario.

You should be comfortable watching video ads before playing the game. More ads you watch, more chances to win cash. App creators make money when you watch ads.


Candy Crack rules.

Download and install candy crack to compete for cash and other rewards. Candy Crack accesses your files and media library.


We don’t know why the app needs access to your files and media library, but it’s not harmful. You can install and keep the app or uninstall it because you can’t use candy crack without giving it access to your files and media.

Anyone over 10 can play the game easily. Eliminate candles by playing. Playing by the rules means choosing two or more candles with similar features.

At the top of the screen, you can see your app progress. You can earn coins and cash when you pass a progress bar limit, and you can multiply your earnings by watching a video ad.

Continue playing to unlock more rewards. Scratch cards let you win cash and other prizes. You can also win prizes with Lucky raffles and slot machines.

The candy crack game also lets you win a smartphone. If owning a new smartphone sounds interesting, launch the app and select the iPhone icon on your phone screen to see how to win a smartphone and other prizes like a PlayStation, MacBook, smartphone, etc.

Candy crack can earn you cryptocurrency. Selecting the iPhone icon lets you compete for Cryptocurrency. You can earn the world’s leading cryptocurrency “Bitcoin”


When can candy crack be sold?

It’s easy to win money playing candy crack. After meeting withdrawal requirements, cashing out is next. Before making a withdrawal, you must have at least $1,000.


After meeting the withdrawal requirements, you can get your rewards via PayPal or gift card.

When you win a MacBook, smartphone, etc., you must leave your address on the app. If you win Bitcoin, you must provide your wallet address.

It’s fun and rewarding, but the chances of winning free smartphones, MacBooks, etc. are slim because the app creators stated in their T&C that they are not liable if a player breaks the rules.


Play fair to earn cash and other rewards.

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