Does Cube Crack Really Payout? Is Cube Crack Legit Or Scam

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The main reason why people look for games that make money is to make extra money. This is what most games on the market offer. Some people say you can make hundreds of dollars, while others say you can make thousands.

But not every game that says it plays its users is true to its word.


Cube crack is one of those games that says it will pay you to play. But do they really pay their users as much as they say?

Let’s find out.



“Cube Crack,” a game for getting rid of cubes, was made by westlangsn, which says it is profitable to play. It looks like taking out two or more blocks from the grid is all you need to do to win great prizes like PayPal money and Amazon gift cards.


More than 50,000 people have downloaded Cube Crack in the hopes of winning £400 and other prizes. Even though the game has a large number of players, it is still being worked on and does not allow reviews on the Play Store.

This is unfair because most users want to know what other people think and whether or not the developer gets paid.



It’s pretty easy to play! To crush them, you just have to tap on groups of at least two cubes of the same colour. As you remove more bricks, your score goes up.


The level is only finished when you reach the goal and have taken out every block on the screen.

Once the cubes are gone, you can use green banknotes or Amazon gift cards to get virtual money. If you finish the level or when the circle on the progress bar is full, you’ll get more pounds.

After that, Cube Crack always shows a short clip before adding the money to your virtual account.


You can also collect puzzle pieces that will let you trade them for great gifts like phones, computers, video games, and more.

You can get puzzle pieces in other ways, too, like by pressing the bubble or using the Lucky Spin. The method for getting puzzles, the number of puzzles you get, and the prizes can all change at random.


You can see that Candy Crack gave you £216 if you tap the gift icon on the left. You have to agree that’s nuts.

The catch is that you’ll get £9.60 from each person you invite, so you’ll need to collect £240 before you can cash out.



This app game for Cube Crack works in a unique way. I’ll tell you exactly how to play and what you can win.


You start with a 66 grid of different coloured blocks. If you combine at least two blocks of the same colour, you can get money, coins, or Amazon gift cards in their place.

Just like the picture below shows:


The round fill counter in the top right corner is now another thing that goes into figuring out how much you make.

As you pop blocks, this counter will move, and when it’s full, you’ll get the amount of money shown by the award. So, when it showed an Amazon card, you would get some of them and the amount would be added to your balance.

The last thing to say about the game itself is the score. For each stage, you must get the number of points shown just above the grid.



If you play Cube Crack for just a few minutes, you can get a lot of money and all the other currencies.


After one minute of playing, you will get £192 ($264).


After a few more minutes of playing, you won’t even reach level three, but you’ll have £331 ($455).

So, the money is visible in the game, but the bad thing is that it stays in the game forever. Because the amounts are too big to really pay the people who use them,

If you keep playing the game at the rate you are now, you will have thousands of points.


But there are red flags because no game could make you as much money as this developer seems to be giving out. When it comes to games like this, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.



Even though I told you why you couldn’t cash out, let’s move on. Like other games, Cube Crack has payouts that are hard to resist.

You can redeem through 12 different ways, with a minimum of £400 (or most likely $400 if you live in the US). But when you reach 1000 on Amazon, you can cash out.

Most users will find this interesting because it would take hours to earn that much money in real life. In the game, though, it will take you a while.


No matter how much or how you choose to cash out, the fact that there are no guarantees that you will get anything you redeem is a worry.



Sad to say, Cube Crack does not pay! They say you have to wait for your turn, but this is just another reason why they shouldn’t ask for money while you keep playing and watch more ads.

It’s hard to believe that you can reach £400 in less than two minutes! But here’s why you shouldn’t be happy about it:

It says that you need to be at level 30 before you can approve the order, even after you’ve chosen your payment method and confirmed your identity. Seven days is all you have!


Even those who meet this condition will still have trouble. This time, Cube Cracks finally thinks that you have joined thousands of other gamers in a line and should wait your turn.

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