Does Nordstrom Take Apple Pay?

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Restructuring and advancement of most stores and retailers have led to the adoption of convenient, customer-preferred payment services.

Some of the most common payment methods, like Apple Pay, aren’t based on retailers’ needs, but on the trend of contactless payments.


Most people today prefer to pay with their mobile wallet rather than their credit card in-store, which exposes their card to internet criminals.

Big and small stores and restaurants are already accepting Apple Pay as a payment method for those who intend to pay with their Apple Wallet. This allows Apple customers to enjoy the benefits of paying via an NFC reader.


If you frequently shop at Nordstrom, consider using Apple Wallet in-store or online.

In this article, I’ll explain how to use Apple Pay at Nordstrom.


Apple Pay at Nordstrom?


Yes, Nordstrom accepts Apple Wallet in-store and online.

It also accepts other payment methods based on your interest.


Apple Pay is considered one of the most convenient payment methods due to how easy it is to use compared to other payment methods.

Nordstrom Apple Pay Payments



You can’t use Apple Wallet at Nordstrom in-store or online without adding a bank card.


Here’s how:


• Go to device settings

Find Wallet and Apple Pay in Settings.

• Step 2: Enter Card Details

Tap Add Card and tap Continue. You must enter all necessary card information correctly or your card may be rejected. For a faster process, scan your card.


Once you agree to Apple Pay’s terms and conditions, you’ll be directed to verify your card by following the process.


Apple Wallet should be ready for Nordstrom by now. To use Apple Wallet, follow these steps:

• Step 1: Use Apple Pay

Since you’ll be paying with Apple Pay, tell the cashier or attendant that you’ll be using your Apple Wallet; once accepted, continue.


• Choose a payment card

If you don’t select a card, the default card will be used.

Adding the card you’ll use to pay for your purchase is necessary.


Open your Apple Wallet App, select the default card, and you can choose from all linked cards.

• Two-factor authentication

This process ensures that you are authenticating the transaction, so you must unlock your card.


Double-click the side button to bring out the scanner for Face ID.

Touch ID: Home button.


If you’re not using either of the unlocking methods I mentioned earlier, enter your Apple ID password to verify your card.

• Step 4: Place device near NFC reader


To pay with Apple Wallet, place your device near the NFC Reader until a done and checkmark appear. You’ve been paid.

Nordstrom payments


Nordstrom offers several payment methods, giving customers control over their choice.

If you don’t like one payment method, you can choose from others that may offer your desired features.


Nordstrom’s payment methods are:

debit card

2. Visa

3. JCB

4. Nordstrom Cards

5. PayPal

5. Paypal

Money (Not in all locations)

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