Does Panda Express Take Apple Pay? Payment Process

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Panda Express is a popular U.S. restaurant that offers seamless, convenient service and delicious Chinese food.

It serves American and Chinese food. Panda Express is where Chinese Americans can get Chinese food.


Panda Express not only offers convenient services to its customers, but it also offers alternative payment methods to the traditional credit card.

Panda Express accepts credit cards and other payment methods in-store.


Apple Pay is a mobile payment service available on iPhone, Apple Watch, iMac, etc.

Panda Express accepts credit, debit, and network gift cards.


If you want to know if Panda Express accepts Apple Pay, read this article.

Apple Pay at Panda Express?

Some Panda Express locations accept Apple Pay.

Panda Express locations may not accept Apple Pay because the system hasn’t been integrated.


In either case, you must confirm if a particular Panda Express location accepts Apple Pay.

What’s the procedure? Apple Maps allows this. Yes, you can search the Apple Map App to see if a Panda Express accepts Apple Pay.

Find the Panda Express location. Once you pull up a location, look to the right for the Useful to Know Section to see if it accepts Apple Pay.

Adding a card to Apple Pay is required if a Panda Express restaurant accepts Apple Pay.


You must add a bank card to Apple Wallet. Here’s how:


• Tap Apple Wallet in iPhone Settings.

• Step 2: Add a Card to your Wallet by entering your card information or scanning it.

You can add debit and credit cards to Apple Wallet.

• Step 3: Agree to Card’s terms and wait for confirmation.

Now that you’ve added a card to Apple Wallet, you can pay anywhere with your iPhone or Apple Watch.


This method seems easier than swiping a card at a card reader.

In this case, you won’t be swiping a card reader; instead, you’ll place your iphone or Apple Watch closer to the NFC reader.


This method seems more effective and convenient for users because it helps keep the user’s card safe from criminals since you won’t be making any payments.

Panda Express accepts other cashless payments.



Pandas accepts several other payment methods that you can use to pay for your purchases.


Panda Express accepts credit, debit, and gift cards.

Instead of using your Panda Express Gift card directly, add it to Apple Pay.


Some Panda Express locations accept Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Apple Pay where?



While most new generation stores don’t accept Apple Pay, many U.S. stores do.


If you’re unsure if a store accepts Apple Pay, use the Apple Maps app.

Apple Pay fast food?


Most fast food restaurants accept Apple Pay, but not all.

Some restaurants may not accept Apple Pay yet.

These fast food chains accept Apple Pay:


White Castle, KFC, Subway, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Chick-fil-A. Many more accept Apple Pay.

If a restaurant won’t accept Apple Pay:


Then you can pay with a credit, debit, or prepaid card.

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