Does Safeway Take Apple Pay? Payment Process

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Safeway is a U.S. and Canadian grocery chain. Safeway is a dependable grocery store.


Safeway sorts consumables, foods, and more. Safeway has 907 stores in the U.S. and Canada.

It also offers an online platform where customers can browse a variety of items and place orders.

Safeway ensures customer convenience by offering multiple payment methods for making purchases.

Due to Apple Pay’s popularity, in-store and online payments must be integrated.

Most users wonder if Safeway accepts Apple Pay.

This article will answer all questions about using Apple Pay at Safeway.

Apple Pay at Safeway?

Apple Pay is one of the most convenient payment methods available today, and most people are comfortable using it both in-store and online.

With Apple Pay, you don’t have to worry about your security being breached, as it may be with credit and debit card payments.

Apple Wallet is recommended. Why? Apple Pay is fast, so you don’t need to wait in line to pay for in-store purchases.

The quick answer is:

Safeway is among the grocery stores that accept Apple Wallet. It also accepts Google Pay, etc.

Before using Apple Wallet at Safeway, you must set it up by adding a credit or debit card.

Here’s how:

First, open Device Settings.

Tap Wallet and Apple Pay from your device’s home screen settings.

Step 2: Add a Card

Tap Add Card and tap Continue. You must enter all necessary card information correctly or your card may be rejected. For a faster process, scan your card.

Once you agree to Apple Pay’s terms and conditions, you’ll be directed to verify your card by following the process.

After completing the steps above and verifying your card, you can use Apple Wallet to pay.

Follow these steps to pay with Apple Wallet at Safeway. If you need help, ask an attendant.

Steps for paying with Apple Wallet:

Step 1: Use Apple Pay

Since you’ll be paying with Apple Pay, tell the cashier or attendant that you’ll be using your Apple Wallet; once accepted, continue.

Step 2: Choose a card

If you don’t select a card, the default card will be used.

Adding the card you’ll use to pay for your purchase is necessary.

Open your Apple Wallet App, select the default card, and you can choose from all linked cards.

This process ensures that you are authenticating the transaction, so you must unlock your card.

Double-click the side button to bring out the scanner for Face ID.


Touch ID: Home button.

If you’re not using either of the unlocking methods I mentioned earlier, enter your Apple ID password to verify your card.

Step 4: Place device near NFC reader

To pay with Apple Wallet, place your device near the NFC Reader until a done and checkmark appear. You’ve been paid.

Apple Pay is a contactless payment method, so you don’t need to touch the terminal or reader. Simply place your iOS-based device near the NFC reader to pay.

Safeway accepts what payments?

At Safeway, you aren’t limited to one payment method or forced to use a particular payment service to pay for your orders. Safeway offers several payment options based on your preference.

If you prefer Mobile Wallets, use Google Wallet or Apple Wallet.

Safeway takes gift cards. Safeway accepts several other payment methods.

Safeway accepts these payments:

iPhone Cash
Safeway GCs.
Which supermarket accepts Apple Pay?

People ask what grocery stores accept Apple Pay, likely to gauge its reliability.

Apple Pay is more convenient, secure, and fast than some common payment methods.

With Apple Pay, you won’t have to risk your information to criminals or fraudsters, reducing fraud cases. Apple Pay is contactless.

Any Apple-based smart device, iPhone or Apple Watch, will work.

Many grocery stores already accept Apple Pay, and those that haven’t are about to start.

Most users find Apple Wallet easier and more convenient than other payment methods.

Albertsons, CVS, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Aldi, Stop and Shop, Winn-Dixie, United Supermarkets, FoodMaxx, Harris Teeter, Hannaford, Publix, Family Dollar, Food Lion, Cub Foods, Lucky Supermarkets, Meijer, Giant Eagle, Walgreens, Sprouts, Shaw’s, Vons, Hy-Vee, and Randalls accept Apple Pay.

What Stores Accept Apple Pay?

If you’re not sure if a Safeway location accepts Apple Pay, you should confirm.

This is important if you’re new to a location and unsure if you can use Apple Pay at Safeway.

Some Safeway locations may not accept Apple Pay, so if there’s no other Safeway nearby, you’ll have to pay with a card.

Apple Maps lets you check if Safeway accepts Apple Pay. You can check if a location accepts Apple Pay by using the Apple Maps app.

Safeway accepts Apple Pay online?

Safeway also offers an online ordering and payment platform.

Safeway doesn’t accept Apple Wallet or mobile payments, which is unfortunate.

You can pay for your orders using the available payment methods.

Since Apple Pay isn’t accepted on Safeway’s online store, you can pay with a credit or debit card.

Safeway Canada Apple Pay?

Safeway has locations in the U.S. and Canada, so Apple Pay can be used there.

All Canadian Safeway stores accept Apple Pay. You can’t use Apple Wallet to shop online.


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