Does Sephora Take Apple Pay?

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Sephora has stores in the U.S. and Canada for beauty and makeup purchases.

Sephora accepts several payment methods in-store and online.

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that lets users link debit and credit cards and pay in-store and online.

Apple Pay is a fast, convenient, and secure payment method.

Some stores have yet to accept Apple Pay, so you may need to use other payment methods.

In today’s article, I’ll answer whether Apple Wallet payments are possible.


Apple Pay at Sephora?

In 2014, Sephora announced that it now accepts Apple Pay; back then, only a few stores did, but now, all do.


Apple Pay is a popular payment option for iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, etc. users. Apple Wallet lets you pay in stores that accept it.

Whether you can use Apple Wallet at Sephora is answered here.


Sephora accepts Apple Pay in-store and online. Tell the cashier or salesperson that you’ll be using Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is one of the best payment options at Sephora because it’s the most convenient, requiring no direct contact with the payment reader.


Sephora Apple Pay


Apple Wallet payment at Sephora is easy to understand. If you’re new to using Apple Wallet in-store, you must set it up by adding a bank card.

The card will be your main payment source, but you may want to add another card to Apple Wallet.


Steps to set up Apple Wallet for payment:


• Step 1: Open Apple Wallet and tap the “+” Add button.

Step 2: Add a debit or credit card.

• Tap Continue and follow the onscreen instructions to add a new card. If prompted, choose your bank or card issuer.

• Verify your bank information

And that’s it, your bank card should be linked.

After adding your card to Apple Wallet, you can pay at stores that accept it.


How to pay with Apple Wallet:


• Step 1: Use Apple Pay

Since you’ll be paying with Apple Pay, tell the cashier or attendant that you’ll be using your Apple Wallet; once accepted, continue.

• Choose a payment card

If you don’t select a card, the default card will be used.


Adding the card you’ll use to pay for your purchase is necessary.

Open your Apple Wallet App, select the default card, and you can choose from all linked cards.


This process ensures that you are authenticating the transaction, so you may need to unlock your card.

Double-click the side button to bring out the scanner for Face ID.

Touch ID: Home button.


If you’re not using either of the unlocking methods I mentioned earlier, enter your Apple ID password to verify your card.

• Step 4: Place device near NFC reader

To pay with Apple Wallet, place your device near the NFC Reader until a done and checkmark appear. You’ve been paid.


Once you’re done making Apple Wallet payments, collect your receipt.

Other Sephora Payment Methods


Sephora offers a variety of payment methods; you are not limited to one.

Sephora’s payment options include:


Sephora accepts credit cards as a payment method.

Sephora accepts Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and Amex debit cards.

3. Gift Cards: You can pay with Sephora gift cards.

3. PayPal

5. Check

6. JCPenney cards.

Sephora online Apple Pay?

Sephora offers online shopping so customers can order without visiting the store.


Apple Pay can be used online and in-store, and many stores accept it on their website or mobile app.

You can pay for online orders at Sephora using your debit card or credit card.

You can pay for Sephora online orders with an apple wallet.


Sephora Payment Options

Sephora doesn’t seem to have a single payment method, so you may want to consider several based on the benefits of each.


To pay in-store or online at Sephora, you must choose a payment method.

Above are some Sephora payment options.

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