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The renowned Dr. Claudia Major leads the German Institute for International and Security Affairs’ International Security Division in Berlin (SWP).

She conducted research on publications and advisory work pertaining to security and defence policy in Europe and a transatlantic context ( NATO, EU, Germany, UK, France).

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Dr. Claudia Major’s biography and wiki

German safety and leadership advisor Dr. Claudia Major. She is in her 35–40s. She has a good education, but her credentials are unknown.

From 2000 to 2001, she worked at the German Council on Foreign Relations in Berlin. She also worked in the Public Affairs department of the IPA Network Berlin.

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Phyllis Major’s parents and siblings

We will now discuss Dr. Claudia Major’s parents. The names of her parents remain unknown. The situation of her siblings is likewise unknown.

Children and Spouse of Dr. Claudia Major

Let’s discuss the marital status of Dr. Claudia Major. She wants to keep her love life private because she is a very secretive person.

Height and weight of Dr. Claudia Major

The height and weight of Dr. Claudia Major remain unknown.

Dr. Claudia’s Primary Nations and Ethnicities

Dr. Claudia Major was a citizen of Germany. Her racial origin is unknown.

Value of Dr. Claudia Major

The amount of Dr. Claudia Major’s wealth is unknown.

Q&A Regarding Dr. Claudia Major

Who is Dr. Claudia Major, to start?

Answer: German safety and leadership advisor Dr. Claudia Major.

What is Dr. Claudia Major’s age?

Dr. Claudia Major is between the ages of 35 and 40.

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