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Stephanie Russell is a paediatrician at Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. She works at Kidz Life Pediatrics in the Prospect area.

She is a Louisville-area paediatrician who has been arrested on suspicion of hiring someone to murder her ex-husband.

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Wiki, Age, and Biography of Dr. Stephanie Russell

Stephanie Russell is a paediatrician at Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. She received her medical degree after finishing college at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. She has worked as a doctor for over 20 years.

Child doctors provide medical care to infants, children, and adolescents. As the children grew older and more mature, she added to her training to meet their special needs at each stage of development.

Stephanie Russell, M.D. Ex-Husband

According to court documents, Dr Stephanie Russell called a man she believed had paid to kill her ex-husband on May 15, 2022. runs.

She plotted the murder of her ex-husband with a member of the FBI’s Secret Operations Division.

Arrest of Dr. Stephanie Russell

Dr. Stephanie Russell, a child doctor, is arrested for attempting to compensate for the death of her ex-husband by paying someone else.

She has agreed to pay a total of $7,000 in restitution for the murder. On May 18, she deposited half of the agreed-upon amount, $3,500, into a Dropbox account outside her medical office.

Charges Against Dr. Stephanie Russell

Stephanie Russell’s ex-husband initiated divorce proceedings in 2018, which were completed two years later in 2020.

Before being arrested, the two were arguing over custody of the child. She appeared in preliminary court today, and a hearing on her continued detention is scheduled for May 24. She has been charged with the murder of her ex-husband. husband’s

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