Easy Steps To Withdraw Money From ATM Without Debit Card

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Are you aware that you may withdraw cash from any fidelity bank or other bank ATM without using your debit card? As a result, your fidelity bank account will be debited. In this tutorial, I’ll demonstrate how to withdraw money from any bank ATM using a debit card and debit your fidelity bank account.
Since the introduction of mobile banking, the banking industry has become more convenient and efficient. You may now use cash without a card. This is a secure and safe way. It alleviates the risk of your ATM information falling into the wrong hands.

Fidelity Bank’s Cardless Withdrawal Features

• The maximum value of a single transaction is N20,000. N100,000 is the daily limit.

• Compatible with Fidelity Bank-registered phone numbers



• Reliant on the telecom provider’s whole network signal

• Funds are automatically debited from your Fidelity Bank account.


The Benefits Of Cardless Withdrawal From Fidelity Bank

• It’s a convenient option if you’re in need of cash and don’t have access to your debit card.

• You can submit transaction information to a third party without jeopardizing the security of your account or debit card.

• Additionally, you can collect cash at any Quickteller-enabled terminal located around the country.

• The complete transaction takes around ten to twenty seconds.

• Available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week

How To Withdraw Cash Without Using A Card From An ATM Using A USSD Code

To begin, you must activate your device’s Fidelity bank mobile banking codes. If you haven’t already, have a look at our guide to Fidelity bank USSD codes. However, if your smartphone is equipped with mobile banking.


• On your registered sim card, dial “*770*8*Amount#”. For instance, if you wish to withdraw 10,000 naira, enter *770*8*10,000#.

• Then, following the on-screen directions, produce an otp ( one time password to cash out from the ATM).

After generating the OTP, locate a nearby ATM.

• Press the Enter key or any other button on the ATM.

• Now, choose a payment method.

• Enter your OTP and follow the on-screen directions.

• Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, followed by your ATM card pin.

• Be patient until the ATM pays you.


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