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This article is about Ecobank online banking, including how to sign up for and use it. You will also find a direct link to download the Ecobank mobile app for internet banking on this page. Using your internet banking profile, you can easily make transactions and pay bills.

Banking stress has been reduced thanks to technological advancements. You can now pay bills, buy airtime, and transfer funds from the comfort of your own home. This article will teach you everything you need to know about Ecobank online banking, which is not the same as Ecobank mobile banking ( requires the use of USSD codes for bank transfer). More information about Ecobank mobile banking can be found here.

Ecobank Internet banking requires an Internet connection as well as your profile information. You can send more money and it is available around the clock.




Ecobank Online Banking 2022 Features

• Improved security

• Transactions in real-time

• Online transactions

• Transfers both domestically and internationally, including Rapidtransfer

• A 24-hour customer service hotline

• Direct feedback via email

• Transferring funds to Ecobank and other Nigerian financial institutions.

• Review your bank statement and account balance.

• Money transfer both locally and internationally.


Ecobank Internet Banking Requirements

• You must have an Ecobank account. Whether it’s a checking or a savings account,

• You must have an active phone number and email address to open an access bank account.

• You’ll need a smartphone ( android, IOS etc)

• A valid ATM card


How to Create an Ecobank Internet Banking Account

• Download the form to register for Ecobank mobile online banking – CLICK HERE

• From the drop-down menu, select your country.

• Choose ‘Activate an Ecobank Product’ from the list of options on the platform.

• Select Internet Banking from the drop-down menu.

• Select your state, then enter your account number and fill in the blanks.

• Now double-check that you’ve entered and selected the correct internet banking options. Make sure your basic information and other required information are entered correctly. Use a current phone number and email address.

• Fill out the forms and return them to any Ecobank branch.

• You will be notified once your application has been approved. Your Ecobank Internet banking ID will be included in the message ( username and password ).

• Go to the Ecobank online banking website by  CLICK HERE and logging in.

• Enter your username and password from the message you received ( email precisely).

• After clicking login, you’ll be taken to your internet banking dashboard.

• Download the Ecobank mobile banking app to make online banking more convenient.

Ecobank Mobile App Download

The Ecobank internet banking app can be downloaded directly from the link below. If you’ve completed the steps outlined above to create your online banking profile. Then, using your unique ID and password, download the app and log in.

For Android UsersCLICK HERE


How To Recover Your Ecobank Bank Online Banking Password

If you’ve forgotten your Ecobank Internet banking password, use the instructions below to reset it.

• Go to to learn more.

• Select ‘forgot password’.

• Enter your unique ID number.

• Respond to a few of the security questions.

• Once your request is approved, you’ll be emailed a new password.


How Do I Transfer Money?

• Go to your Ecobank online banking account and log in.

• Select “in country transfer” if the transfer is within the country; otherwise, select the second option.

• Fill in the beneficiary information and double-check that it is correct.

• Enter the amount to be transferred.

• Double-check the information and make sure it’s correct.

• After that, submit your transaction and wait for it to be processed. Once the transfer is complete, you will receive a success message.


How to Transfer Money to a Foreign Account

• Select the “International transfers” tab to send money internationally.

• Choose Make New Payment unless you’ve already created a template for the same type of transfer.

• Select the account from which you want to withdraw funds.

• Carefully fill in the recipient’s account information – Ecobank is not liable for any mistakes you make.

• Type in the amount, currency, and the date you want the money to be transferred.

• Fill in a few more details, such as who should be in charge of Correspondence Charges.

• Once you’ve double-checked all of the information, click here to complete the transaction.

• To complete the transaction, you’ll be given an automated unique password.



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