ETH Zurich Switzerland Scholarships – 2022/2023


Scholarships at ETH Zurich in Switzerland

Scholarships for International Students from Developing Countries at ETH Zurich Switzerland in 2022-2023
For the academic year 2022, ETH Zurich University has offered 60 fully-funded Swiss Excellence and ETH Zurich Scholarships for overseas students. Therefore, the time has come to finish your applications for the fully funded ETH Zurich Scholarships 2022-2023. Although ETH Zurich’s admittance rate is highly tough, the majority of applicants will have a good chance of receiving a fully financed Swiss Scholarship.

Switzerland’s name conjures up images of breathtaking natural beauty in our thoughts. Switzerland is one of Europe’s most picturesque countries. Pursuing higher education in Switzerland is like to a fantastic tale. Switzerland has been awarding several scholarships to overseas students in recent years to assist them in pursuing their dreams of higher education at the country’s finest universities. ETH Zurich awards scholarships to outstanding students from throughout the world.

Typically, these scholarships are granted to individuals who wish to pursue a Master’s degree in Switzerland. Two distinct types of scholarship programs are available to overseas students from various nations. The first is called the “Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Program (ESOP),” while the second is called the ETH-D Scholarships. Both of these programs are tailored specifically for students from low-income nations.

Grant for International Scholarships at ETH Zurich

The Excellence and ETH-D Scholarships program is available to students enrolled in three- or four-semester Master’s programs in Switzerland. The Excellence Scholarship Program provides students with CHF 12,000 every semester to cover living and educational expenses. Additionally, students enrolled in this program receive a tuition waiver.

On the other hand, students participating in the ETH-D Scholarship Program earn CHF 7,500 to cover living and educational expenses. Additionally, they receive a tuition cost waiver. Apart from the scholarships, the department to which the students are admitted provides CHF 500 or CHF600 help to the students. This equates to a profit of CHF 3,000 every semester from the relevant department.

Standards of Eligibility for ETH Zurich International Scholarships

These scholarships are offered by ETH Zurich and other national and international universities to deserving students from underdeveloped nations. Typically, these scholarship programs admit the top 10% of applicants with Bachelor’s degrees. Simply said, students with an A average in their Bachelor’s degree are qualified to apply for these scholarships.

Students must supply their phone number and Skype ID in order for admissions officials to conduct an online interview before to acceptance. Students from impoverished nations are typically given preference for these scholarships, which typically open in February.

ETH Zurich International Scholarships Deadlines

December 15, 2022 is the deadline for submitting your application for the Fully-funded Swiss ETH Zurich Scholarships 2023 academic session. Throughout 2022, the ETH Zurich Scholarship application window will be available for a variety of degree program options.

Students who have been awarded these ETH Zurich Swiss scholarships are now enrolled in courses at ETH Zurich and other universities. Admissions at ETH Zurich for the academic year 2022-2023 will begin on 1 October 2022. Students interested in applying for admission to these Swiss scholarship programs should visit the official website and submit an application.

Students can apply for admission to ETH Zurich’s and other institutions’ master’s programs. The official website has all of the necessary information about these scholarship programs. It’s also worth noting that these scholarships are not limited to a set number of pupils. Rather than that, the number of students may rise or decrease in response to funding availability.

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