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Nigerian businessman Fidelis Anosike is the creator of Folio Media Group. He has also received honours. One of the most prosperous locally owned businesses in Nigeria, Daily Times Nigeria, is owned by Folio Media Group, a content creation and distribution organisation.

Due to his connection with Rita Dominic, a Nollywood actress, he has been in the press.

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Age, Wiki, and Biography of Fidelis Anosike

Nigerian businessman Fidelis is widely recognised for founding Folio Media Group. Fidelis Anosike is his full name, and it is more known. He is a Nigerian native. His birth year was 1968. In 2022, Fidelis will be 54 years old. He is of Nigerian descent. He finished secondary school at a nearby institution. Although he graduated, the name of his college remains unknown.

You can find out everything about Fidelis Anosike in this blog, including his wiki, biography, age, parents, ethnicity, wife, children, and net worth.

Parents (Father & Mother), Children of Fidelis Anosike

We will learn about Fidelis Anosike’s mother and father in this paragraph. Details about his parents have not yet been provided. Details about his brother have not yet been provided.

Fidelis Anosike’s Nationality and Ethnicity

The race of Fidelis has not yet been specified. He holds a Nigerian nationality because he was born and raised in Nigeria.

Wife of Fidelis Anosike

Fidelis has a wife. In 2021, he married Rita Dominic. His siblings’ whereabouts are unknown.

Fidelis Anosike Dimensions

6 feet, 0 inches.

Fidelis Anosike’s earnings

We’ll talk about Fidelis Anosike’s wealth next. He has a $3 million net worth.

Q&A Regarding Fidelis Anosike

Fidelis Anosike is who?

Fidelis Anosike, a businessman from Nigeria and the creator of Folio Media Group, is the answer.

A.2 How old is Fidelis Anosike?

The age of Fidelis Anosike is 54.

Who is Fidelis Anosike’s wife, question 3?

Rita Dominic is Ans. Fidelis’ wife.

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