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Today, we’ve compiled all the information you’ll need to sign up for First Capital Bank Zimbabwe’s internet banking.
E-Banking services have made banking more convenient and eliminated the bother associated with transacting in your account online.

However, whether you are a retail or business bank customer, you must enroll in First Capital Bank’s online banking service.

You have complete control over your bank account as an online banking customer from the convenience of your office, home, or wherever you are.

This implies that you may do all of your financial activities online at any time.



Unless you register for internet banking, you are not eligible to bank online.

Therefore, allow us to lead you through the application procedure for the service.

Requirements for Online Registration and Login to a First Capital Mobile Banking Account

Prior to applying for First Capital Bank online banking, the following information is required.

• Account number with First Capital Bank

• Account identifier

• Documents of identification

• Identification number

• Cellular phone number

• Electronic mail address

These are the requirements for registration.

How To Register For Internet Banking With First Capital Bank In Zimbabwe

To register for internet banking with First Capital Bank in Zimbabwe, complete these steps:

1. Visit the official website of First Capital Bank Zimbabwe at

2. At the top of the webpage, click the “Internet Banking” link.

3. You will be sent to the login area for online banking.

4. Select “Self Registration” from the drop-down menu.

5. Enter your “Account number” in the appropriate field.

6. Decide on your ID type.

7. Enter your identification number.

8. Enter your birth date.

9. Enter your “Mobile phone number.”

10. Enter your “Email address” in the “Email address” field.

11. Kindly input the verification code exactly as it appears on your screen.

12. Check the tiny box to indicate acceptance of the terms and conditions.

13. At this point, select “Continue.”

14. Complete your online banking self-registration by following the instructions on the next page.

That concludes the process of registering for First Capital Bank e-banking.

How To Login To Your First Capital Bank Online Banking Account

The real procedures to login in to your First Capital Bank Online banking account are as follows:

1. Navigate to the website of First Capital Bank.

2. Select “Internet Banking.”

3. You will be sent to the First Capital Bank internet banking login site.

4. Enter your “Username” in the “Username” field.

5. Enter the validation code.

6. At this point, select “Login.”

7. Sign in to your account by following the on-screen directions.

That concludes the procedure for logging into your online banking account.

How To Recover Your First Capital Mobile Banking Username

If you’ve forgotten your First Capital Bank Online Banking Username, you may retrieve it by following these steps:

1. Please log in to First Capital Bank’s online banking system.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Forgot Username.”

3. Enter your “Account number” in the appropriate field.

4. Choose the type of ID you used to create the account.

5. After that, input the identification number.

6. Enter your birth date.

7. Enter the verification code in the appropriate field.

8. At this point, select “Continue” to retrieve your login.

9. To retrieve your username, follow the procedures in the following section.

10..After successfully reclaiming your account, log in to verify that it works.

This concludes the procedure for recovering your First Capital Bank Zimbabwe online banking user name.



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