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In Nigeria, today’s high degree of technology has had a favorable impact on banking.

Many banks are working hard to make banking easier for their customers, but FirstBank is one of the few in Nigeria that has fully embraced technology.



Since 1894, FirstBank has been the trusted bank in Nigeria, having been the first financial organization to start offering banking services to the people of Nigeria.

Customers of FirstBank can now access their accounts and conduct financial and non-financial activities from virtually anywhere.

Customers are no longer required to join a queue at the bank for every transaction.

FirstBank offers banking independence in Nigeria through USSD code banking, WhatsApp banking, mobile app banking, and online banking.

This article will primarily focus on the FirstBank USSD, so if you’re ready for more details, let’s get started.

What Does the FirstBank Code Mean?

*894# is the FirstBank Nigeria code. It is the mobile banking code that enables FirstBank clients to do multiple transactions at any time from anywhere in Nigeria.

Your mobile phone becomes a digital branch where your transaction requests are accepted and executed when you use the FirstBank USSD.

You don’t need to go to any nearby branch with the code, nor do you require the help of a local teller on the bank premises.

The code is “894”, and it can be used to access a variety of financial services.

What Is The FirstBank Code And How Does It Work?

The FirstBank code works on all mobile phones, regardless of whether or not you have access to the internet.

It only requires a GSM network to function, and the code is available on all Nigerian networks (Globacom, Airtel, MTN, and Etisalat).

After dialing the code “894”, account holders can make many financial operations with just a few taps.

Who Is Eligible to Use the FirstBank Code?

You can utilize this service if you have a FirstBank individual account and your phone number is registered on the financial institution’s SMS alert network.

Please keep in mind that this service is only available for FirstBank personal/individual accounts.

As a result, all FirstBank Nigeria joint, corporate, and multiple signatory accounts are ineligible to use this service.

Registration with FirstBank USSD is required.

Some of the prerequisites that must be met in order to complete a successful FirstBank USSD registration are listed below:

1. Individual/personal account with FirstBank

2. Your FirstBank SIM card, whose number is linked to your account.

3. Cellular phone

4. The GSM system

What is the procedure for registering with the FirstBank Code?

To register with the FirstBank code, follow the steps below:

1. Insert your SIM card with the number associated with your FirstBank account into your phone.

2. After inserting the SIM card, turn on your phone.

3. Finally, dial *894*0#.

4. On your phone’s screen, a list of masked debit card numbers will appear.

5. Choose the debit card you want to link to the account from the list.

6. Enter the 4-digit PIN of the debit card you selected on the new screen.

7. To authenticate and confirm transactions with your account, create a new 5-digit PIN.

That is all the information we have about the FirstBank code at this moment; any additional information will be added as it becomes available, so please check back at any time.



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