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If you use FNB eWallet, you should be aware of the FNB eWallet fees. As a result, you’ll know how much money you’ll need to send or how much money you’ll need to withdraw after withdrawal fees.
In this fast tutorial, I’ve done more research on FNB ewallet charges and will share insights into other FNB ewallet charges you may face.

FNB E-Wallet Fees: What You Should Know

To begin, there are no monthly or membership fees for using FNB’s ewallet services.

The charges, on the other hand, are applied when the sender creates and loads the ewallet account.

There are also fees associated with withdrawing and depositing money from FNB ATMs and certain establishments.



The charges, however, are dependent on when the eWallet was formed and how it was funded.

When you use your FNB eWallet card to withdraw cash from a participating retailer’s till, there are no costs, but there are fees when you withdraw cash from an FMN ATM.

Fees apply when purchasing airtime, paying for power, or using other services.

There are no fees while checking your FNB ewallet balance or mini statement at any of the FNB ATMs.

You can also avoid deposit fees by making automated deposits at any FNB ATM.

You will be charged a monthly fee of R6.00 if you do not use your FNB ewallet account for 6 months after it has been activated.

The payments are classified as dormancy fees paid on a monthly basis.

You’ll receive an SMS notification before the charges begin to apply.

When you have a balance in your FNB ewallet account, you will be charged a monthly dormancy fee.

It will remain in effect until the balance becomes zero or another transaction takes place.

There are no monthly fees if your FNB ewallet account balance is 0, and the account is inaccessible.


FNB eWallet Charges 2022

The table below is the FNB eWallet charges for 2022:



Send money to someone R2 + R2 per R100
eWallet balance inquiry FREE


eWallet mini-statement request REE
Prepaid airtime, data, and electricity purchase Transactions between R0.01 – R10 R0.50

Transactions between R10.01 – R25 R1.00

Transactions greater than R25 R2.00


Transfer from your eWallet to your FNB Account FREE


Inactivity fee (after six months of inactivity) R4.95

FNB may revise the charges so you need to take note.

Other fees incurred when using FNB ewallet services are the standard network rates when using a cellphone.

For specific fees, you can inquire from the FNB customer care through this number  087 575 9405.





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