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It is indisputable that you are reading this page in search of information on how to register, login, reset your password, and check the balance of your First National Bank in Ghana internet banking account.

To that end, this is the finest site to learn everything there is to know about FNB internet banking in Ghana.

We will show you the simplest and most rudimentary approach to register for the service in the blink of an eye.

We’ve exhausted our time for ranting; let’s get to the meat of the matter.



Let us examine the requirements for applying for First National Bank online banking in Ghana.

Registration Requirements For FNB Internet Banking In Ghana

The criteria for the FNB Ghana online banking application are as follows.

1. You need open an active FNB Ghana bank account.

2. Information about your bank account

3. Specifics of the ATM card ( optional)

4. Identification Card

If you possess any of the aforementioned papers, you have taken a significant step toward opening an internet banking account with First National Bank in Ghana.

Let’s have a look at how you’re going to register for the service.

How To Sign Up For FNB Ghana Online Banking

Create An Account With FNB Online Banking

How to open a FNB Bank online banking account in Ghana is as follows:

1. Navigate to FNB Ghana’s official website at the following address: https://www.firstnationalbank.com.gh/.

2. Scroll down and pick the “Banking Methods” button.

3. Select “Online banking” from the drop-down menu.

4. Click “Register Now” once again to create a FNB bank internet banking account.

5. You will have three alternatives for registering, however in our situation, we will choose the account number.

6. Click “Sign up using my account number.”

7. Choose “Ghana” as your country of origin.

8. Enter the type of identification card you used to open your FNB account.

9. Enter your FNB customer identification number.

10. Enter your FNB account number now.

11. Click the link and carefully read the terms and conditions. Ascertain that you have comprehended.

12. If you wish to proceed with registration after reading their terms and conditions, check the empty box.

Following that, click Continue.

14. Complete your FNB Bank online banking registration by following the instructions on the next page.

That is how you register for internet banking with First National Bank in Ghana.

After completing your registration and receiving your account information, you should check in to your account.

How To Log Into Your FNB Ghana Bank Account

Online Banking Login

To access your FNB bank’s online banking account, follow the instructions below.

• Go to https://www.online.firstnationalbank.com.gh/ to use FNB’s online banking service.

• Log in using your online banking username and password.

• Enter your FNB username and password.

• Log in to your bank account by clicking the Login icon.

• If you supplied the right login information, your account will be opened.

It’s that simple, and you’ll be signed into your FNB internet banking account in less than a minute.

Additionally, you may lose your password accidently for a variety of reasons.

When this occurs, logging onto the account becomes impossible.

Therefore, what should you do if you forget your password?

Yes, resetting your FNB bank online banking password is simple.

How can you change the password on your online banking account?

If you’re curious, continue reading.

How To Reset The Password For Your First National Bank Ghana Internet Banking Account

To update or reset your FNB Bank Ghana internet banking password online, follow these steps:

Change Your FNB Bank Username and Password

1. Open a browser and navigate to https://www.online.firstnationalbank.com.gh/.

2. Select the “Forgot your username or password?” link.

3. A menu of reset choices will appear; choose just reset password.

4. Log in with your FNB online banking username and password.

5. Enter the number on the back of the Identity Card (ID) you used to register for internet banking.

6. Click Continue to proceed with changing your password.

7. To recover your FNB online password, simply follow the easy procedures in the following section.

You’ve seen how easy it is to reset your FNB Bank Ghana online banking password in a few simple steps.

Are you aware that you must often check your account balance?

Yes, it is ideal since it enables you to keep track of your transactions.

Continue reading to learn how to verify your account balance.

How To Check The Balance Of Your FNB Account Online In Ghana

To access your First National Bank (FNB) internet banking account online, just follow the instructions below:

• Open your phone’s or computer’s web browser and navigate to the FNB Ghana online banking website at https://www.online.firstnationalbank.com.gh/.

• Log in using your online banking login and password.

• Enter your encrypted password.

• Select Login.

• After logging into your internet banking account, click on the account number for which you wish to examine the balance.

• The window that displays will indicate your current balance.

Checking the amount of your FNB bank account is as simple as you have just shown.

You’ve read a lot about First National Bank’s internet banking, but are you familiar with the services available?

Discover more below.

The Benefits Of Internet Banking With First National Bank

Several significant elements of FNB internet banking in Ghana include the following:

1. Manage your bank account online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any location.

2. Use FNB online banking to pay your bill promptly.

3. Transfer and receive funds within and outside of FNB.

4. Online access to your account details.

5. Conduct a periodical review of your transaction history.

6. At any moment, you can access your bank statement online.



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